The Struggles of Meeting Mr. Right! #relationships #advice #psychology #tips #goals

Good Evening Friends! I have been thinking about writing this piece for a while, unfortunately I was just too lazy. A lot of times throughout my school year I have the pleasure of talking and meeting, a lot of different beautiful women. No matter how different the women may appear to be the conversations ring … More The Struggles of Meeting Mr. Right! #relationships #advice #psychology #tips #goals

Must tell all!!!

Good Evening Friends!!! Sooooooo, this past Saturday was my husband’s graduation he received his Master of Business Administration (MBA). Yes yes very proud moment for the family and me. We flew my mother-in-law in for it. So I spent Wednesday through Friday cleaning and he shampooed the carpet. It was a lot of work but it … More Must tell all!!!


Well well well……….It has been way too long 😦 I would call it Day 110 but my hiatus was entirely too long to even go there lol. I must first apologize for the long absence and secondly, rather than come up with excuses, just discuss LIFE! So over the past three months life has continued … More LIFE

Last night

So last night I was sitting on a bench waiting for my next class to start and I looked up into the cold dark skies. I thought wow such peace and here perfectly in my view is a tree that is leaving behind it state from Fall and slowly but surely welcoming in the Spring. … More Last night

The Warrior

Originally posted on sanctuary5014:
I’ve been thinking about the concept of seeing myself as a warrior. A while back I was looking at areas in my life where I felt I’d been a failure. A lovely friend suggested that rather than being a failure, I had actually exhibited the characteristics of a warrior: the sense…