Day One

Good Afternoon world!!! Today I woke up at midnight and decided to make my husband’s lunch for work. It is peaceful at this hour with everyone sleep but my dear sweet peace quickly came to an end. I decided to view my bank transactions online to make sure a credit card payment went through unfortunately it showed the transaction date and late fee both effective on my due date… what is the problem well if I knew I would have probably returned to bed. I spent hours reading bank agreements and rules to try and make since of this with no success I finally started chatting with an online banker about the issue. The online banker stated it should be adjusted…the conversation ended no adjustment I guess magically it will happen I really don’t know…This is a battle for another day I could not go back to sleep after that 😦 way to start the day. I know I am not the only one with bank issues??? Am I??? Well I started getting two of the children ready for school and fed all four of them breakfast (instant oatmeal) please do not judge me it is quick and convenient for me sometimes. I got my kindergarten child off 8am start time and returned home to take my junior high child off 9am start time. I return home with my two youngest children and a little under two hours to spare since the kindergartener gets out at 11:20am. This can get real tiresome but I often wonder how two working parents or single parents pull this kindergarten short day madness off? Please enlighten me


3 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Very interesting point about the half day kindergarten issue. I am planning to send my daughter off sometime next year to kindergarten and its like a whole team or staff has to be in place for that because I work too far away and my husband is nearby but there’s no way he can leave work half day and take care. We need a driver to take her to and from school plus a nanny/daycare for after kindergarten! It must be a challenge keeping up with your 4 kids’ schedules. All the best!


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