Day two

Wow!!! Today was much better than yesterday! I actually got some sleep and woke up feeling positive. I started the day off with my normal routine rise and shine……..get the kids ready for school and drop them off. The only complaint I have today is on the way to drop my middle schooler off I was cutoff. So I was pulling to the curb so I could let my child get out safely and the car behind me was riding my tail and I decided to pull up more so the women would not be blocking the parking lot exit for the school. I guess she realize blocking the exit was a bad idea and tried to whip her car around me so we almost collided. Bottom line I ended up driving up the curb to avoid the woman lol how embarrassing *crazy looks were given from onlookers* and I was thinking man parents really drive aggressively when they try to get their kids to school on time. That woman looked twenty years older than me and did some NASCAR maneuver on me. I was like geez I guess I better know my place lol. Anyways outside of that I am in desperate need of help with potty training my three year old whom absolutely refuses to use a potty is so dang stubborn. I have tried to make it into a game, cheerios, offer rewards, take Xbox away, toilet placement for an extended time, walk around without a pull-up on………and you don’t even want to imagine the places he decided to go rather than the toilet (pillows, kitchen, behind the couch, pillows again, beds and ME true story). I told my husband I would not share this story with anybody but forget it. One night after dinner I was the last one sitting at the table and he climbed up on the chair stood next to me with no bottoms on and soaked my shirt in pee I was in shock…I literally just remember feeling something warm spreading on my shirt and he hopped down laughing and ran towards his dad like “yeah score one for the team” I guess I pissed him off by not putting on his bottoms and he called his self getting even pissing on me crazy but true story. My older two were a piece of cake and potty trained quick and easy but this one is truly stubborn and raises a challenge. I have sought out family and friends advice and read blogs and articles online but I am struggling. Help why me? How many others face this issue? Why is this happening? What can I do to get him potty trained? Some articles say “wait” for him to be ready I am like when will that be when the cows come home man!!!! I don’t know maybe I need to call in the potty trainer whisperer…HELP I CAN’T TAKE THIS S**T anymore literally lol…. #aggressiveparentdrivers#pottytrainerwhisperer

Check out this video of him working my phone he sure knows how to work a phone but not quite use the bathroom.


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