Day Four

Good evening beautiful people of the world!!!! Yes that’s right I am talking to all of you! I hope everyone is loving their Saturday and hopefully the majority of you are resting or have some outstanding plans. Today I drove to meet up with my ex-husband or my oldest daughter’s father to exchange her for the weekend. This SUCKER almost made me late to school because he ran out of gas. Now I have one thing to say about this one. You are too damn grown to be running out of gas this is not high school the homie is not throwing two dollars in the tank okay no excuses. To anyone of you out there driving around on fumes cut it out seriously CUT IT OUT!!! Yall know better and set an example so your child don’t try and drive on fumes. God knows I don’t want that call “mom, hey can you come get me I ran out of gas”. The thing that makes it worse is I know he has more than enough money to get gas he is a repeat offender for running out of gas because he doesn’t want to take time to get gas. So we all must suffer ol’ Scrooge a** brotha…I should have threw a cheeseburger at his head lol just playing *maybe* but after the hour delay I was on my way. I dropped the other three off with my mom and headed to class it was interesting to say the least. This teacher is constantly dropping people from the class and the sad thing is they just stand there dumb founded after she drops them. I be tempted to whisper “hey that’s your cue to leave, I kid you not this dude took 5 minutes to leave I think he was in shock (cold game). Well after class I went to swoop up the little ones and we played a little at the grandparents house before we left. Now I must recuperate and study for tomorrow’s exam. Ride out the rest of this weekend and don’t forget to *LAUGH* #Family #Love #MyProfessorIsGangster #OuttaGas

20150919_173803[1] 20150919_172426[1] 2015-09-19_19.35.07[1]


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