Day Five


I am smiling big right now today is lay back and relax Sunday. First off thanks for all the traffic on here I really appreciate it and I am excited to see view numbers double each day. Something old or something new you be the judge??? Now getting down to business I had to finish up studying for this weekend exam and yes that is right I am done the exam is completed. I went to school feeling confident and left out like a champ I know I did outstanding on this exam. I am so glad it is over and done. I was thrown off a little bit when I first arrived at school though…..I parked my Suburban next to this old beat up car A.k.a a bucket. Do not get it confused buckets have heart they get you from point A to point B and we all have rolled in one *maybe*, they are loyal, they don’t get repossessed, and they stay with you until you get rid of them. So to my surprise I opened my door and I am not joking this loud brand new alarm start screaming from this old bucket with like 3 windows down and one up, clothes and food wrappers thrown around with food debris. The best darn alarm I ever heard seriously I was like what what whaaat. I was nervous, confused and got back in the car. I was like dang my door did not even touch the car what the heck! Point being I was intimidated by this bucket and I had to tell myself you better hop out and get to class. So do we really have to make a decision to have something old or something new….why not have both? Well in some circumstances that cannot work relationships being one of them you cannot have an old girlfriend/boyfriend and a new one simultaneously because eventually someone will get hurt most likely physically as well as emotionally lol….Friendships you can have old friends mixed with new friends and in this car’s case it worked out fine old bucket with a brand new alarm. So each one of you soak that up and figure out what side you fall on old, new or both. That being said try to avoid these triple digit temperatures by staying inside and watching a movie with A/C of course…Until next time stay cool!!!

20150920_142314[1] 20150920_171952 20150920_172230  He made me laugh hence the weird eye look….REMEMBER LAUGHTER IS MEDICINE


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