Good morning all and a special thanks to my new international viewers!!! 🙂

So, let me just be real direct…I woke up this morning feeling like crap and all down and out with a touch of attitude. I did not want to get out of the bed and I starred at the clock for a while before finally pulling myself out of bed. I don’t know why either…or at least not yet. So we will revisit that later. Now I was driving my daughter to school and we were talking about her school dance coming up this week, something that bothered me about this dance was the fact that the theme was an 80s theme. I originally was like that is stupid why are they doing an 80s dance it is way too early in our generation to do an 80s dance. I shared this same dislike the other day with one of my BestFriends A.k.a my older sister. I said when we were kids they had 50s dance because that was like (30 years) before our time and just than I caught myself I said wait what year is it 2015 the 80s is like (30 years) ago. These are moments when you realize your age is going up and it AIN’T ever coming back down. I was like mannnn feeling a little defeated I guess the dance can do an 80s theme. Now I do not know if this morning attitude was a woman’s thing, an age thing, or a you didn’t get enough sleep and now you lack motivation thing. I wonder if men wake up with similar moods, do they? Do men wake up saying man I feel like crap today and I don’t know why? How frequent do they think about aging? Who knows? One thing is for sure I am going to turn this frown upside down and embrace the aging process *”try my hardest” with rolling eyes* lol. I guess you can say I am like aging wine, the value goes up and the desire for it increases and the only people who usually purchase this high price wine are people who respect the exclusivity of the aged wine. Yeah I know that was some philosophical stuff for you… yeah yeah the *wisdom* is there too lol. Well that is all I have for you today so enjoy the rest of your day and I love you guys and gals!!!! Laugh and smile for me pleaseeeee.

When you get out the shower and realize you aging like fine wine.
When you get out the shower and realize you aging like fine wine.
Aging and okay with it!
Aging and okay with it!

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