Day Six

Good evening lovely people………

It is the start of a new week and I know most of us are feeling the (why is it Monday?) attitude, maybe from being sleep deprived or too much weekend fun possibly a combination. I know I woke up feeling exhausted, but I had to jump into gear and get my son off to school first. I knew I was tired after I dropped my son off and started walking back to the car and tried to get into someone else’s car. I promise you it is a line of cars parked on the street and I walked up to the first suburban I saw and pressed the unlock button and tried to open the door. You would think I’d catch a clue after not hearing the beep noise and the door not opening after the first tug. But no I tugged about three more times and than I shrieked when I looked inside the vehicle and realized it was not mine. If that was not embarrassing enough, the humiliation did not end there some boy’s father who was dropping his son off right next to this stranger’s car saw and heard everything. He looked at me and said that’s not your car… it? I said well uh….uh no I thought it was but my car must be further down and than I started mumbling random stuff like an idiot. He just smiled and drove off I honestly cannot tell you what the heck I was rambling I truly think I do that when I get embarrassed and nervous lol. I murmur and ramble really low to myself random crap that no one on this earth could possibly translate. I kept thinking I hope the owner is not looking at me from a far thinking is she trying to break into my vehicle I mean I was probably looking hungry and homeless with some small holes in my shirt serving the purpose of keeping me cool I promise I hired those moths to eat multiple holes for that particular reason. Pardon me for stepping out like that but I was running a little late. Anyways outside of that little fluke of a moment the overall day was a success. So what I took from today is do not be afraid to embrace your fluke or flawed embarrassing moments. Take them in with a big smile and laugh about it when your ready because we all know laughter is the best remedy/medicine.

When you have a wardrobe malfunction
When you think your hot stuff at six flags and you have a wardrobe malfunction lol
When you having too much fun at a kid’s birthday party…you don’t care how dumb you look lol

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