Day Eight (Short and Sweet)

Good evening everybody!!!!

Well this evening I am going to have to keep it short and sweet. Today was a weird day, most likely due to it being Wednesday. The middle of the week is always weird because you do not know if your coming or going. Also, the fact that I did not get as much stuff as I wanted to done today made things feel out of wack. I felt a little off my game but it is okay to be off your game a little bit once and a while because you have to take time out for yourself. So today the hubby and I slid out this afternoon to see The Perfect Guy together. It has been a minute since we caught a movie together due to our hectic schedules, so this was overdue. The movie was not as bad as reviews claimed it to be. I actually enjoyed the movie and thought it was entertaining. I was rooting/cheering for the crazy guy a.k.a the perfect guy lol but call me weird. Anyways the quick afternoon flick was good for us… is healthy to get a break from the children and needed for sanity purposes lol. Well I just got back not to long ago I guess I better finish this Salmon dinner and get ready to watch Fox Empire I need my Cookie fix and I am ready to laugh so please enjoy the rest of your night and remember to laugh and smile.

Sometimes we need things to be short and sweet 🙂 It’s Time!!!


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