Day Nine (Racist or Indifferent)

Good Afternoon, and love to all you out there handling your business……

Well let’s start on a positive note I love all of you out there and appreciate life in general. Alright jumping right into it, early this morning around 6am when Walmart first open I was headed in there to get a couple of items to go with my daughter’s 80s dance outfit. When I walked in the door there was a door greeter that looked like a chubby version of POWDER now some of you may remember that movie and some may not (please google for reference) POWDER was this albino boy  that had it rough because of his pigmentation. The greeter was not quite albino but pretty fair skin…sooo I walked in and he looked at me with this what are you doing here look, so I smiled but he said nothing to me so I said okay maybe he is having one of those days. Then I said maybe he is not a greeter and he is just waiting on someone but as I kept walking I hear a “Hello, Good Morning” to a woman that came in 20 seconds behind me than I looked back and saw him smiling at this also fair skin woman and I decided to observe and wait for the next person to walk in which happen to be a older man who was also fair skin and he gave the man a similar greet. Now I do not like jumping to conclusion so I try to come up with all kind of reasoning so I said maybe he was moody that split second I walked in, maybe he was unsure of what to say, maybe, maybe and it goes on. On my way out I walked by him on purpose but I got nothing but on his behalf he was talking to another person. So as I walk out with this confuse spacey look on my face the older Hispanic maintenance man hosing down the front sidewalk was talking to another man stopped mid conversation and shouted out to me “Good Morning Miss Have a great day okay” I shouted back “Oh thank you Sir you have a Great day too and Good Morning”, he definitely brought a smile to my face. I started thinking maybe the greeter just has an indifferent attitude not quite racist so I came home and looked up the definition indifferent to get a full and precise understanding and according to and Webster……indifferent-having no bias, prejudice, or preference; impartial; disinterested. So basically he would have needed to ignore everyone coming through that door and give them the stank face. I have a hard time understanding or accepting racism because my family is like a rainbow from the fairest skin tone to the darkest skin tone and I mean extended family. We are so multi-tone and we marry people from all different racial and ethnic backgrounds. So excuse me if I am a little hesitant to call someone racist I just do not like going there. Keep Smiling no matter what and laugh because you never know who needs a boost in their day and I promise you they will appreciate it.

Different shades of beautiful
Different shades of beautiful
Brother's Love
Brother’s Love
Different shades of beautiful
Different shades of beautiful

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