Day Ten (Battling Irritation)

Good Evening, to all of my fellow peers……much love goes out to you too.

Well let me see today was not my day. I was a little irritable since yesterday evening because things got off track with the children’s school work  and my school work. I had appointments to go to and I was informed that I have even more appointments added to this already hectic schedule. I feel like every time I look up there is something new to handle and do but I guess that is the life of a mother, wife, student, and go-getter. Well on top of the huge pile up I was extremely frustrated that my son and some other kid in his class happen to switch backpacks by accident and I returned the child’s backpack first thing this morning and the other parents did not return my sons backpack REALLY!!!!!! What in the **** I mean dang what is so hard about returning the backpack you took by mistake, easy fix right??? Nope not in my world! Things have to be a little more challenging than that….geez. So still no backpack I guess we can hope they bring it Monday the s*** makes no sense to me and I was probably overly frustrated but I tell you if it is not returned by Monday everybody duck down behind the couch I might explode AAAAAAHHHH lol. When you have that urge to slap everybody in the whole room do not follow through with it just whip out your phone and watch some funny videos to help calm you and manage the anger or frustration. Another thing I like to do is call up my siblings to blow some steam. Sooo, I three-way called my younger brother and my older brother we started cracking jokes on each other and I mean I laughed so hard I felt like I busted a gut…..It was great man there is nothing like laughing so hard at each other’s fails…..that your dang voice goes hoarse. If people sat in on us they would probably hit the floor laughing we are horrible lol…..Anyways I suppose I will make it so have a great weekend and Happy Friday make sure to have some fun for me I have school this weekend of course 😦 Good Night………



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