Day Eleven (Almost Back to me)

Happy Saturday Night!!!!! I love all of you and I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Alright getting back to feeling like normal me….Today is my older brother’s birthday and I am so happy for him….I woke up this morning and called him to sing him happy birthday over the phone and I sung like an Opera Singer lol he said “pretty good for a buck twenty” I said “whattt I am getting paid for this” he said “no your weight” lol. I said yeah I can hold some oxygen honey now the sound probably was horrific but it was the thought that counts. I spent most of my morning talking to my baby brother after I got off with my older brother. My younger brother and I spent most of the time trying to school my oldest daughter on how to handle messy situation between female companions at school. She was told she has to pick sides and I told her not to conform and pick sides to remain neutral if she does not agree with that crap. I told her she may risk losing one or even both but it is so important to stand up for what she believes in……..she just looked confused and said I should have trained her better for these situations I am like ummm hello what are we doing now. My brother was like kids are weird and do stupid things lol I was like yeah we were kids too at one point and thought that foolish stuff was so significant. Unfortunately, our children have to experience these similar things. When you become older you usually let go of old garbage and get over stupid non sense hopefully, I know some adults still run around like they are on some high school stuff…Embarrassing is all I have to say about that because I know that is what other adults are thinking when they see that stupid stuff coming from grown a** women and men. So I personally try to dodge and avoid messy situations because too much energy gets drained from you and for what NOTHING. I am guilty of falling victim to stupid shenanigans and losing my way a little bit and I tell people around me pull me out immediately. So today we are celebrating growing older through birthdays, growing mature each day, and doing our grown-up thang lol ahaha…So what’s up to all my grown and mature people? Forgive or Forget,  or do both but keep going we cannot get distracted from our goals people keep it moving and stay positive. Have an outstanding weekend and congratulations on all your accomplishments and future endeavors.

My oldest
My oldest
My older brother with my youngest child.
My older brother with my youngest child.

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