Day Twelve (Movie Time)

Good evening my beautiful people!!!

I got my test back this week!!!! I got a 95.44 on the test which is an A. Now I told my husband last week I would be happy as long as I got an A. I lied I was upset I felt like I should have gotten a 98.0 minimum. I know the nerve of some people rightttt…I use to feel the need to only get 100% but that brought on way too much stress so I lowered my standards to any A but I still get bothered. I will survive though lol. Well tomorrow is Monday operation get my son’s backpack back. I already told my hubby that he has to go with me up to the school tomorrow morning and help make sure I behave myself and get the backpack returned without any issues. So wish me luck and I will definitely be letting you know how it goes. God knows I want it to go as smoothly as possible and I will go in calm and cool. Please do not let my Monday start off rough I hope their is no BS or games and we just are in and out. Outside of that stuff, today is pretty decent. I hit redbox up for like three movies so I will be busy the remainder of tonight watching them all. I am actually watching one right now I had to pause it to check out the lunar eclipse. Pretty cool if you are into that kind of stuff which I am. Well I guess that is all I have to say for now my hubby is literally working my nerves this very minute and I need to go straighten this character out. If he does not change his tune you’ll probably be hearing about his bighead self tomorrow in the blog. The claws are trying to come out love to all of you and have a great night…..#annoyed #marriedlife #whathappen #why #husband #drama #getittogether

Dark Family Pic  with Chey's computer
Dark Family Pic with daughter’s computer

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