Day Thirteen (Mission Accomplished)

Happy Monday yall!!!! Let’s get this week started!!!

Alright, let’s kick off with this morning activities. I woke up four something this morning and did not go back to sleep. I know I am not alone with this waking up early and not going back to sleep. I tend to wake up early frequently and does anybody really know why? I have no clue…Now on to operation get my son’s backpack back. The hubby and I got dress and headed up to the school of course the kid and his parents were not there and I told the teacher about the supplies and his backpack again and that we are going to need that back today. I thought I did pretty good…not hostile….just direct. So no results this morning but after school today I sent my hubby back up there alone and guess whattt we got the backpack back yay!!!! I was delighted about that so my Monday is going great and I think the rest of the week will be positive and productive. Movie night last night was a disaster lol I kept bumping heads with my hubby and it was just awkward and weird too many interruptions and too many smart remarks. I was actually happy when the tv went off because I was like great maybe we can start fresh tomorrow but tonight SUCKED!!!!! This morning was much better after getting both kids off to school he cooked breakfast and we watched our other two redbox movies and the day was a lot smoother and better than last night. I have a lot of studying to do because I have another test this week in my other class. I really need to catch up because I am about to start another class in a couple weeks yeah I know crazzzy. I am just so ready to get school done so I am grinding. Well the good news is nobody got hurt today lol and my hubby is not on my s**t list anymore….So let’s get it…..

Boy's shopping for motorcycles
Boy’s shopping for bikes
Boy's shopping for motorcycles
Boy’s shopping for bikes
Boy's shopping at Walmart lol
Boy’s shopping at Walmart lol

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