Day Fourteen (Fierce Freedom)

Good evening beautiful readers!!!!!!!!!

Today was really tough on me. I went through that overwhelming feeling of being a parent which is normal and happens from time to time if you do not believe me, go ask your parents lol. I started out with a headache which came from stress from responsibilities. So I figured it out, I am stressed out about this upcoming test I am so not prepared…also it is apparent and obvious that my kindergarten son has a learning disability and we are working with the school and medical team to provide him with all necessary resources speech, tutoring and so on. It is still very stressful seeing him struggle in areas that come easy to others. I have a stubborn toddler that refuses to potty train and a wild one year old throwing stuff on the floor constantly and screaming…which equals mess, mess, and mess. On top of all this we all know spouses can say some annoying things at the wrong time so there you go. Trying to juggle this all at once can get tiresome and I feel like hiding sometimes but I know that is not an option…right? Yeah I didn’t think so. I sometimes slip into dazes of me being on a vacation alone lol it is always at a beach. I got a bit of a break when my hubby took the boys with him to the gym this afternoon man-0-man did I enjoy the peace and quiet. My girl’s were pretty chilled one did homework and the other slept. I so needed that! It is amazing how a relaxing shower with no noise can bring so much comfort. I went from feeling like a fierce animal to a free loving person. The freedom was phenomenal I had to capture a little bit of it which I will be sharing at the bottom of this blog. The bottom line is……it is so easy to get wrapped up in life and become overwhelmed from the constant challenges thrown our way so the best that we can do is find an outlet. I hope we all find a positive outlet and not a negative one because that is always nice….right? What is your outlet? What makes you get through the storm? What inspires you to do more and not quit on things? These questions help manage your chaotic life experiences so really think about them because we all go through some tough stuff…..oh I know. #life #stress #fierce #freedom #family #stepback #alonetime #breathe #beautiful

relax a minute
relax a minute
free time
free time

2 thoughts on “Day Fourteen (Fierce Freedom)

  1. The key to my peace, my energy and perseverance is alone time with Jesus Christ. He alone is my strength and hiding place. Having a family is a true blessing! In particular I like to talk with God at the beach, even if it’s just for an hour. Stay strong girly!!! You’re encouraging me. I’m a first time mommy and wife and I’m still trying to balance everything

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    1. My favorite place to talk to God is in the shower. I have been doing that for a long time in there. I think because that is the only place in a full house you may get a bit of piece….before someone kicks in the door on you lol. Let’s keep encouraging each other because you have always been able to make me feel thankful for what I have been given. 🙂


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