Day Fifteen (Why is reality TV like junkfood?)

Good evening world!!!! I love all of you!

Alright, so after a conversation with my baby brother I thought about reality TV. What exactly about reality TV? Well let see…I thought about how reality TV is like junkfood. I said people complain about reality TV and talk crap about it but cannot stop watching it. Reality TV is like an addiction for many and than there are some who love it and say it loud and proud. This makes me think of junkfood! People complain about it, saying things like “this is not healthy for me and I really do not need to eat any of this crap” or “I need to stay away from it”, and they continue to indulge themselves in junkfood. You also have proud people who say I do not care what anyone says I am eating my junkfood.

So what is it about reality TV that sucks us in? The drama and craziness, people love watching other’s act out and apparently that drives ratings through the roof. I flip through so many channels and I mean almost every network has some type of reality show or shows lined up. The boring one’s tend to get cut but the juicy ones keep going, an example Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I think it is amazing and other’s would say disturbing how much attention these shows and the people on them get. I cannot knock them because people are getting a paycheck that is fatter than mine and are receiving a lot of support from followers to be able to keep it going. So do not be mad at the reality stars that are shining take the beef up with the junkies. But beware the junkies are pretty hostile when someone comes at their fix lol.

Anyhoo!!! My younger brother brought that thought on because he is an addict for drama and his life story reminds me of these reality shows. He loves attention and complains when he is not in the spot light. I also feel like he creates his own drama possibly on purpose but than sits back and ask why??? It’s a little ridiculous but what ever makes the little crazy man happy to each their own. I should write a book about his drama since they tend to sale so good lol and I might make a pretty penny. What are your thoughts? What side of the spectrum do you fall? Are you for this reality era or against it? Me, personally….will be watching Empire on Fox tonight not a reality series but a drama series. I love you guys and have a great night…oh thanks to all my readers :-* (mwwwaaahhh)

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