Day Sixteen (I AM POOR)

Well Good Morning World!!!

I am going to start out with a question. Why do we often say I am poor? Brainwashed maybe? Well this learned behavior goes back generations and is unfortunately handed down continuously to our new or future generation. When I was a kid I thought I was rich…do not laugh especially those who personally know me. I did though we had a house, cars, food, clothes, hygiene necessities, entertainment (TV, Macintosh, and radio), and occasionally took family trips. I seriously thought I was rich. Now I am grown and I am constantly hollering out I am poor and so do my parents and others around me. The worse part is my husband hears it so much from me he says it too…oh yeah and my oldest.

Last night I was at the grocery store purchasing some food (steaks, vegetables, and drinks) for dinner. I swiped my card to pay and I thought for a quick second thank God my card goes through when I go to buy things. The money in the bank comes 100% from my husband because I am a stay at home mom/student. So every night before dinner we pray as a family and lately I been thanking God for my husband being such a great provider and praising God for making him such a strong leader. As I cleared the table off after dinner I thought dang man I am always hollering out being poor and we are eating steaks, salmons, chicken breast, and etc. Also I was at the store purchasing those items not because we needed them but because I wanted something different than what was in the refrigerator and cabinet. So I started feeling guilty. If that was not bad enough I was watching the news last night and saw this clip on people in Orange County, CA speaking out against a dang homeless shelter being placed in their community REALLY!!!!! Worried about property value and these people are homeless so damn sad. How did we get here people? Is it too late for us?

I literally googled the definition of poor and got (lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society) and checked out and got having little money or few possessions : not having enough money for the basic things that people need to live properly. My definition of poor is no shelter, or no food, or no clothes, and or no hygiene necessities missing one or a combination. Then I thought what the hell is our standard over here in America seriously not joking or being funny I want to know. My parents own a house, a cabin, four cars, a Harley (my moms), food, clothes, hygiene necessities, entertainment, and mom takes trips on her motorcycle to see the country. My dad grocery shops for me weekly just because he likes it (greatly appreciated). My husband and I deliberately chose to live in an area with one of the lowest crime rates in our state and a great school system  yeah I research a lot. We have two cars, a motorcycle, food, clothes, hygiene necessities, entertainment, and take family trips. POOR!!!! Really what in the hell is the American Standard? We are brainwashed people to want more and more!!!

I think the thing that hurts me the most in this revelation is how it must have made my husband feel. Can you imagine feeling like everything you do is being looked at as not good enough. I think we sometimes forget how you can make the person next to you feel or do not care to consider them. I often wonder why he is so eager to buy me things and I constantly have to say no we do not need that do not get it for me please. Well I been giving mix signals with all that screaming I am poor he probably is thinking man what can I do to make her not feel like that. We have to learn to really appreciate things we have, not just say it but mean it. I hear people say it but it is empty. I think the problem is we falsely think we are poor because we cannot buy or go places we  WANT to immediately. I think it is okay to treat yourself but let’s not forget who the real poor people are….Not being able to buy the newest phone on it’s release date does not make you poor or other foolish things we cry about being poor over.

Let’s be thankful and show gratitude for what we possess. A good thing to do is maybe google “poor” and click on images and see how close you match those images and google “poor Americans” and click on images and see how close you match those images as well. Their is a difference between the poor images and the poor American images. I really felt this pull and need to write on this topic please enjoy and have a great day. Feel free to comment or provide feedback I am always open to positive and negative criticism….I’m a big girl. (International)×333.jpg (America)

6 thoughts on “Day Sixteen (I AM POOR)

  1. Our government (uk) often talks about the poverty line and homelessness. In my experience my City’s homelessness issues are not as bad as some of our neighbours, but shouldn’t be there at all. We have hundreds, if not thousands, of houses boarded up by the local councils ‘unfit’ for purpose.
    There is no doubt that they can afford to make them community housing and give these homeless people a place to stay. No doubt.

    It makes me cringe when I hear people say they are poor. Especially when it coms to materialistic things like you mentioned. Great post!

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