Day Seventeen (Your Average Day)

Good Evening to all of you beautiful people……… 🙂

I want to start with saying Happy Friday!!! It seems to me that every time Friday hits I am extremely exhausted and warn out. The sad part is I have to get a second wind for my Saturday and Sunday classes. So I really do not get to fully wind down. Enough about me complaining let’s see what happen today….I found a lot of money on the ground today and it being close to the first I assumed someone may be in desperate need of it. So I picked up all this loose money and lingered around the area waiting for the owner to return. Finally someone shows up looking frantic and worried and I said yup this is the owner of the money. He saw the cash in my hands and said oh thank you sooo much I was panicking I thought it was lost. I said no I found it around these plants and it was some near the parking lot you might want to make sure it is all there. He said thanks and ran to the parking lot to look for any other loose bills. I told my husband I was glad he showed up because I did not want to leave until the person came back looking for it…and received it. I love the feeling I get from helping people. I wish the whole world was like that…can you imagine everybody helping each other to survive in such a manner like seriously would it be a good thing or bad thing? I like to believe good. Anyways outside of that my youngest son has a problem with trying to eat lotion so we have to keep it high up out of his reach. The crazy thing is the lotion does not even smell good it is Lubiderm which is not scented. The other day I was folding laundry on the couch and turned my head and saw him covered in it. I screamed “OH MY GOODNESS JR, NO!” I think I might have scared him. My husband has a problem with remembering to put it high up so this is the outcome……..By the way have a Great Weekend and enjoy yourselves!!!!

Uh oh the jig is up
Uh oh the jig is up
Kid's eat the weirdest things, Lubriderm lotion really???
Kid’s eat the weirdest things, Lubriderm lotion really???

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