Day Eighteen (Just Pondering)

It is Saturday night…What’s up beautiful people?

Well let me tell you what’s up with me. I took an exam in this Saturday class and I am not feeling as confident as I did with my Sunday class exam from the other week. I may have pulled off a B on it we will see. On another note the past few days I have been seriously thinking which book genre makes the most sales. I am not for sure and wonder if anyone knows exactly which category of books are most sold. I should be a little more specific novels…..what style novels are the most popular or most purchase for example romance, mystery, fantasy and etc…… If someone has that information or knows where I can get that information please let me know. Also I know the answer can very by country I would like to know worldwide if possible, but I am willing to take what you have so please let me know. I am curious to see if I was close or way off so please get back as soon as possible thanks in advance. Well that is all I have for now enjoy the rest of your weekend and check out the video below if you have time……..


2 thoughts on “Day Eighteen (Just Pondering)

  1. If you have a look on the website therichest they state that from the 13th January 2014, Romance/Erotica was the best selling genre. I have a feeling that this will change with the seasons however, depending on what books are released. A quick search on wikipedia shows that most of the top 20 best selling books of all time are fantasy books.

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    1. Okay thank you so much Matthew. I guessed fantasy but I am happy to hear romance/erotica are best sellers. I will checkout the link you provided. Thank you so much. I said fantasy because I thought about how big Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring, and The Hobbit is around the world.


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