Day Twenty (To Sleep With Him or Not To Sleep With Him….)

Good Evening World!!!

To sleep with him or not to sleep with him? Where are all my long-term relationship people at? Married, Engaged or cohabitating couples this is something for you. Do not mind the title it can go both ways her or him. We all know, that we are living in the era of technology and most of us either have a phone, tablet, laptop, computer and/or Television in front of our face majority of the day. Oh and especially those of us who are involved in entrepreneur activities. The hardship of trying to build a “Brand” and complete a project leaves us up all hours with little to no sleep. It is constant thoughts, planning, and actions going on to get your work establish and leaves no time to sleep. So in order to not be inconsiderate, rude or label as a nuisance I relocate my activities to the couch. I am aware and respect the fact that my husband’s alarm is set to go off at super early hours in the morning. So, out of respect for him I pack up, leave the room and close the door to make sure his sleep is uninterrupted. This is love right sparing your dear sweet mate…wrong apparently for months now my husband has been dropping subtleย hints about him waking up and I am nowhere to be found. I kept shrugging my shoulders but they have become more direct and accompanied with a serious look. I think he means business now. I just know personally this: one I cannot go to bed early like him, two I only get privacy and silence at odd hours in my house, three the brain juices are flowing at these hours, four there is no better solution, and I explain this daily. The kids are literally glued to me throughout the day and I only get to breathe at night. I am working on multiple things right now and I have to keep it going, while I have the momentum. My couch has literally become my bed I love it so much, it is comfortable and my preferred place to relax and work. I fall asleep on the couch almost nightly and sometimes I wake up thirty minutes before his alarm goes off and slide into the bed and fall back to the sleep but apparently not enough to avoid the “TALK”. He says “it would be nice to have my wife sleep in bed with me tonight” and I smile and he says “my wife never sleeps in our bed” I say honey I am doing productive things. So am I wrong for this? It is not as easy as oh “find a healthy balance” because our schedule is crazy do not forget we have four kids on top of all this…wake up there is no balance just constant tasks and movement. So again I I wrong? Does anyone else have this problem? How are you managing this? Who out there significant other is ready to throw there electronics out the window, due to there absent state? Mine said he might have to confiscate my electronics ๐Ÿ˜ฆ anyways if you are like me you are not alone.

Meet my bed
Meet my bed#

15 thoughts on “Day Twenty (To Sleep With Him or Not To Sleep With Him….)

  1. Maybe you can sleep in the bed a few times a week. He needs to understand that you have goals too and that the night time is the only time you have to get that done.

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    1. I think you are absolutely right Resha. I think both parties need to give here so we end up in a winning situation. I think I need to give up a few nights to be there by his side and he needs to understand. That is why your my friend because you get me and you give good advice.

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  2. Ok, look… relationships are about compromise and some sacrifices, so the easiest solution would be that you
    do your thing on the couch during the week and on the weekends, you agree to spend 2 nights with your hubby.

    Problem solved!

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  3. I thought with the title that you were going somewhere else with your post. But I have been on the receiving end and giving end of this. Not wanting to keep someone up while they can is nothing wrong. I had times I wanted to write or do other things and my ex was asleep early. Sometimes, as being adults, sleeping together can sometimes lead to more at various times. But just the act of being warm in the bed next to your husband or wife is a thing they may not speak of when it happens but they do let you know when it does not.

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    1. So true I did not think it was a big deal because he is sleep anyways but when I do not sleep in there I hear about it every time. If he wanted me to sleep in there for reason that involve adult behavior ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would race in there in a heartbeat. lol ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I understand that. I had a gf shortly that had her bedroom heat at around 90 and I sleep bad. She would stay in the living room and I would fall asleep and then after falling asleep in a sauna she would want to have fun. Just adding to the heat. But my ex wife had to be close even if we were not talking and if I slept in another room I too would hear it.

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  4. How did I miss this blog! Ha! I love it and your questions. CharDe I am a night lightning bug I am more creative at night, I work really well creatively unsupervised for myself not anyone else’s job unless its a dream Job. I hope he will understand BC you wear many hats and unproductivity bc you are teying to accommodate someone else’s SLEEP ( tha crazy time) can cause bad side effects. I think you should get a chest with a lock or closure on it and the moment you feel sleepy you should get up put everything in there and go get in the bed! 1. It takes a lot of effort to put things away when your sleepy and you have to BC you have little ones. 2. You have a place that is your own convertible office that’s effecent quick storage to drop things in and hop in the bed! There is a way. Thank you for reading my blogs and be in supportive , sharing your life with us all too. I love you

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    1. Thank you sooo much Beautiful! I am glad you got around to reading this one. This is one of my favorites! You are so strong in God and your blog is filled with positive messages from the word. I cannot wait to get a break from school, so I can invest more time into reading blogs and writing new ones.


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