Day Twenty-one (A Moment of Tranquility)

Good evening friends, I hope your week is going great!

Lately my moods have been a little up and down. All this go go go and no time to stop and enjoy a still moment. I call this the “machine life” because I know no matter what I must operate day and night. The motivation to do right by my children, husband, and myself is what makes the uninterrupted continuity of being a mother, wife, and student a little easier. The work does take a toll on me. I have no weekends because they are dedicated to my classes and studying and I just made an official commitment to give up my Monday through Thursday nights for an additional class. So this past Sunday I sat in class thinking, what did I sign up for did I lose my mind?

Class six days a week on top of family life, how can one not have self doubt? I been doubting myself and feeling the fear of failure. I have been wondering if I can handle the stressors and pressures of this “machine life”. I do not know if it is the uncertainty of how this will play out or the knowledge of change coming to my already jam packed schedule. I just know my head hurts and my eyes are dry. I took a moment for myself on Sunday and step outside of class into the light rain falling from the sky. I looked up for help and this is what I saw……………..And just then I felt tranquility.

Tranquility (2)
Tranquility (2)

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