Day Twenty-Two (Damn can you speak??!!)

Good Afternoon beautiful world!!!

A very long time ago I use to smile real big and say “Hi” to people I was passing by. As I grew older and started receiving dirty looks in return or no responses I made a conscious decision to stop. This was probably around my first or second job. I would just pass by folks and not say a word unless we were friends or close associates. Over the years I became more and more anti-social yes me the social butterfly start talking less and less. I would just sit back and be so annoyed with what our world was turning into: eyes on phones, tablets or any electronics, people just texting instead of calling, emails, anything that did not involve voice communication. I think the worse thing is umm…when your baby says “Hi” to someone and they do not say “Hi’ back I have seen that and I get so irritated from that. I think one smile and “Hi” would be nice instead of ignoring them or giving them a empty look.

I feel weird passing by people making eye contact and not saying anything. It would be one thing if we did not see each other but looking and not speaking kind of creeps me out. I tried to conform with this but could not so, I decided to create my own challenge and say “hi” to people regardless if they say something back or not. I will acknowledge that a person exist. I also try to make it a point to smile and sometimes I get responses and sometimes I get um do you know me looks from strangers lol it is okay though I will continue this way. I notice we continue to move away from social communication even ONLINE yes with social media and these “LIKE” buttons. There is nothing wrong with liking something but ask yourself are you abusing the “LIKE” button by being too dependent on it. Leave a comment or type a couple of words to express some feelings or opinions I know they are in there. These are real examples that I have seen with my own eyes of people abusing the “LIKE” button.

  1. On Facebook someone posted a comment saying their cousin got shot and killed and they were shocked, hurt, and mad. I promise you I saw no comments but a couple of LIKES not a lot but a couple I said REALLY??? Not Appropriate
  2. Also on Facebook I seen a post of something saying they just lost their mom. Once again a couple of LIKES I was really confused. Not Appropriate
  3. I have seen some people post stories of rape and tragic incidence happening and I see LIKES with no comments now if you hit LIKE and comment thanks for sharing your story that was bold of you or brave of you then it makes sense. I do not know maybe I am wrong here.

Let’s not be so quick to hit the Like button read the context first people and than hit the LIKE and share your opinion or give words of encouragement for sad or needed situations over LIKES……..Please Check out the site below

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11 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Two (Damn can you speak??!!)

  1. Wait Brigid LOL my friend that has been all around the world especially when you were with the Redcross or American Cross nevermind I know the answer to the traveling part. You are in Texas now wow you be traveling girl!


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