Day Twenty-Three (Today was a “AND” day)

Good evening world!

Today was a crazy busy day so let me just ramble some stuff off and hope it will make me feel better. I woke up around six something this morning got in motion around 7. I got my oldest son ready for school and dropped him off and than the two little ones and the middle school age one ready and dropped her off around 9. I drove to my youngest child’s doctor appointment which was at 9:30 but I got there at 9:45. She needed her immunizations or vaccines which ever you prefer. I drove straight from the doctor’s appointment around 11:15 back to my oldest son’s school to pick him up because it was a minimum day he got out at 12:20 and straight from his school to my middle school age child’s school to pick her up since they had a minimum day as well and she got out around 1:00. I picked up food and made it back home around 1:30. Are we having fun yet? Today was parent teacher conferences for my middle school age child so I knew I would have to be back up there. I tried to rest a little, but no I had to clean a bloody nose mess that got all over the place by the oldest boy, and that took forever and by the time I finished that and straighten up part of my place it was time to go.

I head to my daughter’s school and wait in line for each of her teachers, and we did not finish that until 8:30pm. I drove to Wendy’s a burger spot for those who do not know and picked up dinner for the family on the way back home. I ate dinner and whipped out the computer to do my blog and I said man I have CRAP CRAP CRAP to write about. My brain does not even feel right, my head hurts, my eyes burn, my thighs burn, my backaches, my stomachaches, and all I want to say is I hope all of you had a wonderful day!

Have any of you had an AND day every time you do one thing it is followed with and this, and that, and, and, and…..? If so please tell me about it I would like to hear 🙂


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