Day Twenty-Four (Photographers and Poets)

Good Evening and Happy Friday World!!!

Today my whole family had the day off! No school or work so I thought it was going to be a great day. My husband left the majority of the day and the two older ones left as well. So technically it felt like a regular weekday because I was left with the two little ones for a long period of time. They went crazy, and to keep myself sane I looked at some photography and poetry. My two favorite P’s! I love looking at the works of photographers and reciting poetic words produce by poets.

I saw some beautiful photographs and some beautiful poems. The perfect combination to blissful and relaxing moments. I love reading words and viewing images that make me feel nostalgic. One of my happy memories that came to mind was a picture of me back at the beach standing in the water posing for the photographer. I love that memory because I felt freedom, boldness, happiness, love and support all in one from my friends that were there helping me. Memories and moments like that are priceless and you should cherish them.

My favorite place to be photographed is by water; rivers, lakes, springs, and my all-time favorite the ocean (beach). Is the soothing sound of water moving the answer to my peace? Is it the blue color skies that places that apple in my eye? Is it the dancing sun on the vibrational currents? Is it the beautiful love song from the great ocean’s riffs? Whatever this immaculate love spell is……is the ultimate cause of my serenata bliss. #Photography #Poetry #Serenata 

My husband playing with the photo editor on this picture.
My husband playing with the photo editor on this picture.
Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach

11 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Four (Photographers and Poets)

      1. Yes, the beach…the sand, the sky…seeing sunset or sunrise are really therapeutic, serene 🙂 I never had the same pictures like you…it seems you still look like a star despite being a mother 🙂 I hope I am right that you have 2 children 🙂

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      2. Well let me just say your comments are very apposite to your name “shinepositivepower”. I am really feeling the positive energy over here 🙂 and you are right I am a mother, but of 4 children two girls and two boys. Thank you sooo much for the compliments. They are truly making me feel like a star. I definitely will be following you close I love the positive power you possess and give off to others. 😀

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      3. Wow!!! You are a mother 4 and you are indeed still gorgeous 🙂 Hats off to you! I only have 1 baby boy and it seems I don’t always have the energy for him. I admire mothers like you 🙂 Thank you for saying I am able to give positive vibe…Yay!!! It made my day! 🙂

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  1. Absolutely AMAZING pictures…water is a great healing agent–whether salt or fresh. It’s also an amazing conductor and holder of emotions, helps to keep things flowing within and through us. You have a very Oshun-esque energy: radiant, healing, soothing. Thanks for sharing!

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