Day Twenty-Six (Indulgences)

Good Evening to my beautiful friends all around the world!!!

Once again I am posting late and I am really hoping that I am not making a habit of it. I spent the majority of my morning indulging in poetry and the second half of my day indulging in poetry and posts. I love reading beautiful words from others and feeling a connection with them. Relating to emotional situations or living in that very moment they are in as they write their deepest thoughts down. I love intimacy and I feel like reading other’s personal thoughts and feelings places you in this intimate realm with them. I do enjoy good reads and posts from my surrounding new family. The positive energy is real and I hope everyone drinks from this well because it is delicious to say the least. I looked up at the clock and said oh my…let me post my daily post so I can get back to these beautiful people from all over the world.

This was a great sunny day, after yesterday’s storm. I was actually impress this morning after sharing some words with my younger brother on the wisdom he had. I said baby brother since when did you start speaking knowledge and not useless comments he said when I decided to grow up and stop doing the same dance. Kudos to him on his excellent and mature advice given, that made my day alone to see such growth with him. Proud sister moment! I told him sometimes I feel like taking a break from writing he said you know you cannot do that! Quitting is not an option and working hard is what you will do, just like you told me. I said you mean you listen to what I tell you he said yeah. I said well I better not quit since eyes are on me and I need to set an example. Sometimes we feel the need to bail out on our commitments and stop progress from happening because things get a little tough. Pushing through it is the only way you come out on top! So keep at your hustle, work, business, and life! Someone is always watching your lead.

A special thanks to all the lovely people on here that take time to share such intimate and beautiful words and photographs. I also appreciate the comments and advice given from the wise. 🙂 Love you all and have a great night!

Love this lil guy! (Babybro)
Love this lil guy! (Babybro)



4 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Six (Indulgences)

  1. Hello my friend 🙂 We love hearing from you too. You’re right there can be this awesome connection with these people I feel I’ve only just met but it’s like they are kindred spirits – and we are each travelling our own paths but choosing to share some of the feelings and pleasures and pain and grief and joy and learnings along the way. Thank you for sharing. We care about you too 🙂 🙂 🙂

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