Day Twenty-Seven (Who really knows if one is morally wrong or right?)

Good Evening Friends!!!

All day I was thinking about a lesson my professor went over in class on morals. I use to look at situations and say man that person was wrong or that person was right. So I thought back to about three years ago when my youngest son was a baby and we lived in Arizona at the time. I do not like talking about this day and I have not really shared it with many people because it was one of the most scariest day’s of my life. I went to the mall with my eight year old, two year old, and my five month baby. As I unloaded the SUV I set my keys on the floor and told my daughter to hold the two year old’s hand while I come around to unload the baby. I closed the door and started to walk around and she decided to close her door too. I immediately panic because I knew the door automatically locks when all doors are shut. I tried to open the door but they were all locked. I started screaming for help and freaking out. I started beating on this windows with my hand and searching for objects to break the window with I had nothing. The Suburban’s glass was extremely thick with tint and not breaking, all the hits just left minor scratches nothing major. Now you ask why did I panic so quickly well because anyone who knows about Arizona is aware of the triple digit weather out there. It was over a 100 degrees Fahrenheit and all doors and windows shut equals death to baby locked in this vehicle. Every second counts in these situations and I had not lost a baby yet and was not about too.

I saw help coming a security guard in a golf cart and said thank you God. I told him what was going on and tried to get him to come help me and this guy did not leave his cart not even to look at the baby in the vehicle he stayed seated and refuse to get involved. He said he would call the fire department I wanted to literally kill this man. Useless son of a bitch I mean seriously! A nearby mother of three heard everything and ran over to help she tried beating the window with different small objects from her van, still no break. Finally a friend of mine spotted me and came over he grabbed the tool from the woman and tried a few swings and nothing. I was screaming at him like a crazy person I said break the window damn it just do it I know you can do it damn it do it!!!! I would not shut up I said pleaseeee my baby just do it now!!!! He said okay are you sure I screamed YESSSS F THIS DAMN TRUCK ITS MATERIAL BUT MY BABY IS NOT AND I CANNOT REPLACE HIM!!!!! He took three strong blows with all his might like the Hulk and smashed through the window. I got in and got my baby and instantly felt relief. Now to the security guard who felt that protocol was more important than saving my child it was all HATE. I felt so much hate for this man and so many horrible thoughts crossed my mind for a while about him. Where the F is his moral values he did not even pretend to care not the slightest and sat back with a crap load of things in that cart which I ask did he have anything to break the window he said no and stayed seated. Years later I ask myself how many people would have felt he was right and how many felt he was wrong? I mean can we say he was morally wrong or morally right? What are your thoughts on it?

Three years later I am bless to have him to hold and love šŸ™‚

My love
My love
Being silly with my lil man
Being silly with my lil man

16 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Seven (Who really knows if one is morally wrong or right?)

  1. I was just thinking about this whole right and wrong thing the other day. I was explaining to my friend that “right” and “wrong” are fluid concepts you know? Most of time there situational..At least that’s what I’ve gathered from my self-experience.
    BTW goo writings !

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  2. Thank you for sharing that piece of your heart and life…that was a serious experience and I am SO happy that some people helped you!! I often say I don’t believe in “right” and “wrong.” I only believe in principles, choices, and consequences. And protecting human life is a principle I do my best to live by daily. Apparently that wasn’t the guy in the golf cart’s principle, so if you had slapped the dog shit outta him when he decided to write his lil report or whatever, then that would’ve been a consequence to his choice. Lol! Seriously though, thanks for sharing.

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  3. I believe what is wrong with this world is, more emphasis is put on protocals than compassion and humanity; think morals vary between individuals. That should have been a common sense though, given the possible consequences. You have a beautiful family. šŸ™‚

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