Day Twenty-Eight (Did things his way)

Good evening friends!!!

Today I decided to attend the gym with my husband and workout with him. I call him a gym head because he has to go everyday or he gets depress and mad. I personally would like to be more dedicated but not that much. Anyhoo! I think we both feel like we need more time alone and more overall interaction. It is amazing how you can be married to someone and live with them but live separate lives. I sometimes feel that way with us because we have different focuses. So he complains about us not spending enough time together and I complain about the same thing.Today I said let’s go to the gym together. I think he thought I was joking or I was not going to end  up making it. Well guess what I made it to the gym and worked out with my husband for almost two hours. The soreness came immediately after as soon as we were walking to the car. I would do it all over again because for the first time in a long time we were bonding and we felt really close. I enjoyed him smiling at me and helping me with weight training. I think doing something your spouse really loves with them can be real rewarding. I told him let’s try to make a habit of hitting the gym together. It was great seeing that smile on his face even though he got frustrated with me a few times. I kept trying to jump equipment like a kid and he is way more organized and structured with his workout than me.


10 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Eight (Did things his way)

      1. I started running a few months ago. Now I am training for my first half marathon. Never thought I would say that. Lol. I run early mornings. 5 am. That way I have to go to bed early and the chance that I want sex has lowered,making it easier to handle her low libido. It is no cure, just a coping mechanism.

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