Day Twenty-Nine (Throbbing legs and aching back)

Good Evening friends from all over!!!!

This may come out making sense and it may not sorry in advance for any mumbo jumbo. So I woke up feeling extremely sore from yesterday’s strenuous activities. I thought I was hurting yesterday but today was so worse. I have been walking funny and aching the sick twisted part is…apart of me likes it! Weird right or maybe normal but I have been complaining all day about the aches from yesterday but smiling like yeah that’s right suckers I accomplished something ๐Ÿ™‚ weird. So I tried to come up with all kind of excuses on why I cannot repeat yesterdays exciting and in tense moments. BUT after reading a comment from my friend on here I felt really motivated to go thank youย Asha T’nae! So I hit the gym again and felt great! I still feel pain and I probably will for a while but I feel something that I cannot yet describe. Plus last night another friend on here was bragging about training for a marathon run and I was feeling like okay I need to step it up!!! No excuses damn it! LOL…I love you guys continue to help keep me motivated.

P.S. You know I keep it short and sweet on Wednesday nights because of Empire on fox!!!

Headed to the gym need to be headed to the bed because my eyes are tired lol.
Headed to the gym need to be headed to the bed because my eyes are tired lol.

8 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Nine (Throbbing legs and aching back)

  1. YASSSSSSSS!!!! GET IT MAMI!!! I am SOO excited that I could inspire!!! You look great and I’m sure it’s only gonna get better. Hubby betta watch out…may have a new gym queen in the building!!! Keep up the amazing work love!

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