Day Thirty-One (Laid Back Friday!!!)

Good Evening World!!!

Happy Friday lovely people and I hope your smiling since the weekend is here. Okay I have a confession I felt so tired today that I decided to make it a lazy day. Yes I was worn out and needed a break. I did not feel like going anywhere so after I picked up my son from school I had my husband pick up my daughter from school. I been in the house ever since and I did not even cook dinner I had my hubby pick up dinner. I literally laid in bed and caught up on TV shows. I really only watch one show a week and that is on Wednesday nights. Today I was trying to catch up on The Flash and The Arrow which I fell behind with, because of family life. I love superhero shows, movies, and all that good stuff. I am actually still watching them as I type this blog. I just wanted to make sure I checked in with my fellow bloggers and readers let you know that love is upon you from me. I hope all of you are enjoying your Friday and have wonderful plans for the weekend. What does everybody have plan for the weekend? I am curious to know and I love reading about ventures feel free to share. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Day Thirty-One (Laid Back Friday!!!)

    1. I have not caught up fully on Arrow still behind. Why is he so dang sexy? I love looking at Oliver so it’s always good to me lol. My husband and I watch Suits together too. I am caught up on Suits. I fancy Harvey too😀 love Mike’s ability but a suckered for bad boy Harvey.

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  1. It must’ve been something in the air…I was on Hulu and then watched on of my favorite flicks, “Chocolat.” 😀 This weekend will be spent in some reading, theatre and time with sista-friends! Enjoy yours mami!

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    1. I like that movie I saw it years ago once. I forgot the name of it until I just Google searched it thank you for sharing. I will watch it again. Reading is always great and theatre is outstanding. Top it off with sista-friends sounds like a packed fun loving weekend. I love it! I will enjoy my to the best of my ability. 🙂 yours sounds great!

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