Day Thirty-Two (Just another day)

Good Evening All!!!

Tonight is Saturday and so far it has been an okay day. I went to school earlier today and stopped by my parent’s house afterward. My parents are always a pleasure to see ๐Ÿ™‚ hehehe. My mother loves to make me try on clothes and my dad has me running out to go pick up some fast food, his treat. I stopped by for a short visit and ended up staying a little longer than planned. I could not wait to get home, but after I got home my husband decides he wants me to go pick up food. I was thinking really another food run today and why not have me pick up the food before I make it home. I think his goal was to drive me crazy. I was exhausted and wanted to remain home but he hit me with the guilt trip. I cannot stand the guilt trip and let me just say he is a professional at it. I ended up picking up some food from Chili’s for the little rat. I arrive there at 8:00 like instructed and they make me wait an additional 25 minutes. Sooo finally after making it back home we decide to watch San Andreasย and I am typing this blog as we watch it. I love Dwayne Johnson but this movie was not one of his best. You ever watch a movie where the acting feels awkward? It is so bad it makes you uncomfortable watching such empty acting. Well that is how I am feeling right about now. The corniness and cheesy lines are unbelievable but who am I? Just another viewer, feel free to observe for yourself and let me know. As soon as this ends I am going back to The Flash and The Arrow marathon. ๐Ÿ˜€

P.S. My husband is snoring and the movie is still going :-/


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