Day Thirty-Three (Physical activities revealing personality and characteristics)

Good Evening Friends!!!!

Today while brushing my hair I thought about a questions. Can watching someone do a physical activity reveal character traits and personality traits? I thought about this because of my personal experience. I thought about the day my husband and I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain a theme park and we decided to climb the wall. A lot of people were trying to climb the wall but no one made it to the top that day, they kept letting go and giving up. I always claim to be scared of heights but I also like a challenge and can get very competitive. I told my husband let’s do it! We started climbing the wall and when I got mid-way I made the mistake of looking down and I started shaking. I looked over to my husband and some other man and they were paused as well. They held on for a while and said forget it and just let go. I was alone on the wall and my husband was on the ground saying it’s okay come on down and the Six Flag worker was saying the same thing. I tried to let go but I could not because I was petrified. I was so scared to let go that I scurried my way to the top. I mean I climbed like a mad woman to the top and made it because I thought stairs were on the other side and I could walk down. The joke was on me there were no stairs and they were yelling up at me great job you made it now let go and come down to collect your prize.

I stayed clinching for a while and eventually realized the only way down was to let go after hearing it so many times. Thinking back now I realize all these years I thought I was scared of heights but I am not. I am scared of falling and something bad happening. So today I thought about myself I have a problem with letting go of things because I fear something bad may happen the moment I do. I do not trust the harness or bungee cords to catch me and safely lure me to the ground. Even when people are advising me to do something it takes me a while to listen and follow their advice. It is hard for me to trust people especially if they have wrong me. I have a hard time forgiving and forgetting even when others recommend I do. I do not trust the cords or connection of my relationship with the other person to keep us secure and close. It is easier for me to get into situations and harder for me to get out of them. That one physical activity really demonstrated a lot of my personality and character traits. So I was just wondering how accurate that is for others?

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10 thoughts on “Day Thirty-Three (Physical activities revealing personality and characteristics)

  1. After so long time you post something. It was a challenging one. But the most interesting part was when you said that, it was not height it was about fall down . That’s just out of the box. Like it very much

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  2. Wonderful and true analysis. In times of adversity or challenges an individual can learn a lot about one’s true characteristic. How one deals with a situation also determines a lot about a person. Most people react, rather than act (look for solutions).

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