Day Thirty-Four (Does admiring lead to Cheating?)

Good Late Night Friends!!!

So I am curious does admiring someone lead to cheating? Since I have been married I have been warned by numerous married or use to be married people to avoid admiring the opposite sex. It can open the door for trouble or you can come across too inviting and get yourself into some stuff. I know so many people fall on different sides of the spectrum with this topic. I personally in the beginning of my marriage turned into a psycho woman who had my husband scared and nervous to even glimpse in the direction of another woman in my presence lol. I have grown since than and became maybe some would say too relax. I was talking to my older brother who said do you want someone to be honest with you or lie to you.

He said I look away from women when they pass me so I do not have to hear my wife’s mouth or get in trouble. He said but realistically you do not just wake up the next day after being married and think everyone in the world has turned completely ugly let’s be real CharDΓ©. He said I know I do not want any other woman and I love and will be loyal to my wife. But I also know I am not blind neither is she…it is okay to see good looking people in this world and acknowledge they exist without being disrespectful (meaning drooling over them, trying to hook-up, acting overly eager, breaking your neck, and all that crazy stuff). I said so if she ask you does a woman look good do you say yeah he said no that’s a setup lol what confusion.

I never catch my husband looking until a couple of weeks ago. We were both walking to our cars which were in separate directions and he thought I hit the corner and I saw this lady ahead of him in her gym attire looking good and I pause to see his reaction he did one of those weird head straight but my eyeballs are to the side looking at her look lol. I was not mad I just had to laugh because I been trying to catch him for years doing it but because he knows I am present I never do. I mean I honestly see attractive individuals, is that bad to say? Is it playing with fire to admire these individuals? Are you setting up the possibility of cheating? I am curious is it okay to admire physical features and character traits of someone other than your mate or is that taboo? Admiring leading to Cheating hmmm please share experiences or opinions. πŸ˜‰ I wont tell πŸ˜‰

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13 thoughts on “Day Thirty-Four (Does admiring lead to Cheating?)

  1. This was a great read! I for one can’t stand it lol. I’m not married yet, but I have a boyfriend of 3 years and he knows not to look at anyone when I’m present. I know we look..but I think we should all be careful as to how we look. I can honestly say that I have watched him lol and he does pretty good to not know I’m not around lol. I guess everyone else’s opinion will be different. I’m not the jealous type, but I don’t like being disrespected. I do my very best in respecting him with or without him.

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  2. I like to look discretely like your hubby, but it has never inspired me to cheat in a relationship. It seems kind of unnatural not to look, especially if he’s right in front of me, looking good. If the guy is with a woman, I will shoot her a smiling nod first. This works very well when I’m hiking, but not so much at concerts where I have seen women clutching their guy like I’m going to walk over and kidnap him. Likewise, I have never cared if a man I’m with gives a SUBTLE glance to hot woman (no whiplash stares, please). Maybe I am just not the jealous type, but I figure if he’s with me, he’s WITH me and his occasional appreciation of an attractive woman doesn’t bother me.

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    1. Lol I can’t stop laughing from this comment well said. I notice I try to be discreet when looking nothing extreme or disrespectful and I do the shooting smile to the mate if they are present. Lmao at the clutching their guy like your going to kidnap them. I have never did that one because it just looks corny to me and insecure but to each their own. Yeah I tell him now if they can take you than they can keep you lol. He looks at me with this disturb look so I realize I better not say that one anymore. Too relax for him I suppose.

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  3. I used to struggle with this one, but then realized that for me…Love means freedom and trust. There’s no room for trust if I got an energetic trigger to my partner’s temple HAHAHAAHA!!! At that point, they’re just thinking about their survival and peace of mind. That being said, now I’m much more lax about others’ eyeballs and observations. I hope to build a relationship where we don’t just grow in Love, but leave room for Love to grow in us, and I know that will always guide us out of our comfort zones to expand into our most beautiful, secure selves. Great read!!

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  4. What a great topic! My husband and I are coming up to 18 years married. I used to be INSANELY jealous in the beginning… oh the arguments and fights it caused, all because he would deny it and I SAW IT HAPPEN! lol Here we are, though… married this long, still VERY much attracted to one another (some say we still act like newlyweds), and I am okay if he looks. I look. I’m not dead, and neither is he! Hell, I’ll even point out a woman to him and say something “Wow, she is beautiful!” I don’t think there is any harm in it, AS LONG as that’s where it ends. And TBH, I am so glad we don’t fight about that stupid stuff anymore. Now it’s about who’s found my stash of chocolate. Priorities!!!

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  5. Maybe it’s just me but my husband and I joke about it a lot. I check people out more than he does. Lol.
    Now if I seriously caught him looking I’d give him the stare…. Lol.
    But I know at the end of the day I’m not easy to be with so if he made the decision to marry me he is definitely in it for the long haul.

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    1. Lol I promise you I say that exact thing. So do my parents, they say CharDe you are not the easiest person to be with….the guy must love you. My attitude can be a little rough to say the least.


  6. I’m not married, but even in my relationships I’m always looking at attractive people. Men and women. I love beauty, what can I say. But my past boyfriends always think it’s funny. I have people watched with my significant other and discussed what we like and dislike about the people we see. I don’t think it leads to cheating if you’re open with your special someone and you trust them. But looking only, if I hear a breath of him approaching or complimenting a woman he does not know I would be pretty pissed off. That’s too far.

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