Day Thirty-Six (I need you!!!)

Good Evening Beautiful People!!!

Today is Wednesday and Wednesdays equal my most challenging and difficult day of the week. Whenever the middle of the week hits I am ready to cry and fall apart. I am completely feeling empty and dried up 😦 no good. We call it hump day for a reason! I am tired, confused, and usually emotional because my energy is low and I know I have to keep going. It is already a tough busy day because we have kids going in all different directions on Wednesday…appointments for speech and Orthodontist…oh yeah minimum day just throws my schedule all off. Also I went to class tonight and felt more confused than ever and I am probably going to need to get some tutoring because my learning methods do not line up with the Professors teaching methods.

Before I went to class I had to deal with the ex-husband who was picking up my daughter to take her to the Orthodontist appointment and he is being so annoying because he is going through some made up bull crap in his head. I hate having to deal with the ex-husband when I have a lot on my plate because sometimes he like to make things dramatic and act difficult. Who in the hell needs that when you have real sh*t going on and no extra time for BS. It makes me want to say hey buddy get a life and stop wasting people’s time playing dumb games. Examples I call him to get the meet up time no answer, he text me whats up after I text him to let him know what I was calling for, he does not respond to the text requesting a timeframe to meet up, he delays response on purpose and the list can go on and on. My favorite he parks in the grocery parking lot next to us instead of parking out front wtf lmao. So I walk my daughter to the parking lot so she does not have to walk alone. The guy can be a real idiot sometimes really and he is a outstanding father but he has his mood swings and I am like damn not today buddy.

I could really go for some positive energy and positive people. I told my husband earlier today I love wordpress more than my social media accounts because the people on here are a lot more positive. I said when I look at my reader feed I see inspirational quotes and post. I see a lot of positive energy and not a bunch of garbage. On the other ones I see a lot B**** this and B**** that and some crazy drama field stuff lol. I say dang is it that serious take a chill pill people. Even if the story is bad I like how people always end on a positive note on here so thought I might share that. I really need your positive energy tonight thanks and have a great night!!!


13 thoughts on “Day Thirty-Six (I need you!!!)

  1. Sending you all kindsa good juju to feed your flyness and fabulosity sis!!! Don’t worry about those power trips ex be on, he can see the joy all over you and your life, and he’s throwing energetic shade. Humph! Maybe, if possible, create a lil something special u do for yourself on Wednesdays. Maybe hubby can give a foot massage or make it a bath night. πŸ˜‰

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