Day Thirty-Seven (Time Flies)

Good Evening World!!!

Today was way better than yesterday! I think I saw that light at the end of the tunnel because I don’t have class tomorrow. I get a day break and then back to school Saturday. I am so excited about getting this short but really needed breather. I am extremely happy to have my positive energy back restored and a big thanks to all the positive supporters πŸ˜€ love you all. So next month the 10th is my anniversary. My husband and I are trying to come up with last minute ideas and plans for our anniversary weekend. I do not like gift shopping I never feel like I am getting the right thing. I usually get him something he says he wants but it would be nice to surprise him for once lol. He is into watches so I usually get him a watch but I would like to get something else. The scary thing is how fast time flies I feel like we just celebrated our anniversary. I knew my husband since we were kids and I look back at old photos and think this is crazy how we ended up married. I think about Six Flags, the beach, New Mexico, and where ever else my mother took us when we were kids. I remember thinking how cute he was when I was a little girl and now I am stuck with the guy for life πŸ˜€ I guess I am okay with it. He drives me crazy sometimes but I love him very much and appreciate him. So what are good gift ideas? What are good anniversary ideas?

Time Flies
Time Flies
New Mexico and Newport Beach, CA
New Mexico and Newport Beach, CA

13 thoughts on “Day Thirty-Seven (Time Flies)

  1. I have no idea on the present front, but wish you all the very best for your upcoming anniversary….. perhaps you could ask him what he wants… or surprise him with dinner somewhere really nice, or a night in a hotel (if you can get someone to look after the kids). Don’t know – but I’m sure you’ll think of something! Whatever you decide, hope that you have an awesome time together πŸ™‚

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    1. He wants a watch lol. I will stick with tradition and get him one I guess. I am going to ask my mother to look after the kids for the weekend. I think the hotel idea is a great one. I think I may want to do another dinner cruise because I really enjoyed the last one we went on. πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m so late catching up on reading…but CONGRATS BOO LOVE!!! This post warmed me from the core of my soul…just to think from childhood to now!!! How beautiful is that?! Gifts: I’m like you…tough on gifts BUT if you get him a watch, how about you give it to him creatively?? NO regular package etc. Depends on time, energy, resources accessible…you could do a scavenger hunt, romantic ideas (if kids are around), or do a little “remember the time” project…maybe that chronicles or highlights some of the moments you remember falling in love with him all over. Is that too mushy?? Whatever you do, LOVE IT! Good for you two!! ❀

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    1. Thank you for the creative ideas. I like the sound of a scavenger hunt and the chronicle highlights. I don’t think it’s too mushy it’s an anniversary the best time for the mushy stuff. Thanks for getting the creative juices flowing. πŸ™‚


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