Day Thirty-Nine (Fake or Just Nice)

Good Evening World!!!

I have come across many people in my little life and one thing is for certain, there are fake people and nice people. When I was a kid I use to think really nice people were fake. I think my first encounter with someone who was always extremely nice and genuine was my friend Resha. I think I was about nineteen when I met her and she always had nice things to say about people. Her bad days were still filled with positive energy and she felt so real. I was amazed that a person like this existed and I knew one day I would want to be as kind as this little lady. Well ten years later I have improve dramatically still not as sweet as her but great for me!

Now their have been several people that say nice things but it feels empty or they have hidden agendas going on but stay smiling in your face. These crafty people are what I would consider fake and cannot be trusted. I think when your really intuitive you have an advantage of sniffing out the phonies from the real nice people. When you are not providing a fake person anything why do they still continue to be fake with you? I always wondered the motivation behind such people? It feels like too much time and effort if you ask me to be fake I don’t know. Anyways have a genuine night 😀 I really enjoy the blogging life!!!


9 thoughts on “Day Thirty-Nine (Fake or Just Nice)

    1. Lol, your funny! I was thinking more along the lines of people I have to deal with face to face. I think it would be a little more challenging picking out fakes on here. I mean you could be typing great post and thinking she sucks! Lol I would never know because I cannot see the other face. So your safe to compliment. Work and school environments are breeding grounds for fake people. Thanks for reading my post 😊

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    1. It seriously does take up way too much energy. My husband use to say your too direct and you need to use more tact. I worked on it like he said and that took a lot of effort to improve. I can’t imagine going extreme and being fake it would really exhaust me. Thank you for replying ☺

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  1. I can’t stand fake people… one of my “best friends” was fake and IDK how I missed it… I guess we were at a point in our lives where we just needed each other. Once she screwed me over, that was it, even though she’s tried to get back into my life a few times. I like the idea of forgiving and forgetting but at the same time, why give someone another chance to hurt you? I’m better at sniffing out the fakes now! 🙂

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    1. I think once you get screwed by a faker your senses heighten and your able to spot or sniff them out. I watched these ladies at an old job go from bestfriends to divulging some hurtful personal information. The funny part was one of the girls came up to me and said Hey CharDe why are you so quiet? I rarely know anything about you… I laughed and smiled at her as I said get your ass away from my desk you know that was wrong telling that girl’s business. You get nothing from me she laughed and smiled as she walked away. Lovely smile the little booger had…. I totally agree with you second chances raise skepticism why do it. Thanks for adding to the topic 😊

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