Day Forty (Internet Meeting or Dating)

Good Evening Friends!!!

Tonight’s blog is about one of my favorite debatable topics. I love discussing internet meeting or dating with others to see their opinions and to argue mine. Earlier today I was talking with my sister about the internet and how she is really anti-social sites and any interacting with online strangers. I ask her, what’s the big deal with it? She said because you really do not know who your talking to, they can mislead you, and it is easier to manipulate someone online because you tend to invest more time interacting with someone online rather than someone in person. I told her like I tell anyone that is against meeting with someone from online, I do not feel safer being around a stranger I met at the store over someone online. I said the stranger from the store could lie, mislead, be crazy, and harmful just as much as someone online.

I said an example how many women meet someone in person really like the guy and later finds out he is married or she is not the only woman (lies and misleading). I said some women and men walk off with some stranger they meet out in public only to never be seen from or heard from again. I do agree people tend to express more emotions over the internet than in person with people. I think it may just be easier to open the flood gates of feelings when your typing. So yes you do feel a connection quicker in that case but that does not make me more vulnerable and that is “me” personally I know it may be different for others.

I told her this is how I see it rather it is a internet stranger or one from the store or any other public place cautious measures should be taken. I said I would exercise the same circumspection with an online stranger as I would with an in person stranger. I would not give someone in person my bank account info so why would I online. I would not take a stranger I met in public home right away so why would I with someone online. I feel if you conduct yourself the same way across the board than everything should be fine meaning if your already a cautious person than you will be okay. If you are more of a reckless person than you are at risk either way no matter how you meet people.

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3 thoughts on “Day Forty (Internet Meeting or Dating)

  1. Hi there, interesting subject! I was single for the best part of 20 years during my thirties and most of my forties. I had tried online dating at one stage and it was ok but nothing WOW! Then I tried again and met the man who became my husband. That was over 4 years ago, and we have been married for 3 years. Personally, I think you’re correct – if you are cautious and take sensible steps, then meeting an online date doesn’t need to be so scary. Take the time to discuss your interests, likes and dislikes, how you spend your time etc – the more you discuss up front, the easier it is to make a decision about someone, and the more groundwork you’ve already covered when you meet in person. I had a friend who always rang me about 45 minutes into a first meeting – just to check that I was safe and happy – and if I was really uncomfortable, then my friend would come up with a reason for me to have to leave – so I had a way out. But I always took a while to get to know them online first, then chose to meet somewhere public and filled with people (cafe, restaurant, pub or similar) so there was an element of safety to the meeting. Sometimes I’d have a friend or friends sit on the other side of the venue to just keep an eye out, to make sure it was all ok. Point number 5 above is good – you can get those red flags earlier online if you ask enough questions/have enough dialogue. If they don’t respond in the way you expect and your gut feel says “there’s something wrong here” then there usually is, and it’s a red flag. If you ask questions and the answers are brief or don’t tell you much about the person – that can be a sign too.
    Anyway, the whole online dating had a great outcome me, but I had to meet a lot of frogs first before I met my Prince Charming! And he still is the man of my dreams and I’m so grateful for him. That’s my good news story 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing your good news story 🙂 it was the perfect example of how I view online dating. I have personally done it myself during my single years and I did not have crazy problems with it. I enjoyed some of the people I came across and I exercised the safety rules as well. I think it is so great you found the man of your dreams. I had some extremely close relationships from online so I am a for Internet dating. 😀

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