Day Forty-One (Fall/Autumn bring on the holidays)

Good Evening Lovely People!!!

The weather is finally showing mercy over here in California. I am excited about the temperature decreasing because my electric bill decreases 😀 great news! I get a little excited around this time of the year because of the beautiful leaves, cooler temperatures, holidays, and cooler temperatures again lol. My husband and I are trying to make preparation for the holidays and get our theme for family photos together. I get all giddy from being overly excited. There are so many fun things to do around this time of the year, without worries of the scorching sun. I like walking down pathways at school or looking out my window at home and seeing the wind blow the trees side to side. A since of peace and calmness, before Christmas comes with the chaotic shopping :-/ yipe! Yes people it is that time of the year again where we have interaction with family members and gatherings to celebrate our many end of the year holidays and events. Break out the champagne I am coming for dinner lol sorry I just wanted to say that. I went through photos and these two photos make me think of Autumn……Veteran’s day and Leaves of course! I hope everyone is enjoying there Fall season, smile and play in leaves! 😀

Good ol' Veteran's Day coming soon!
Good ol’ Veteran’s Day coming soon!
Baby Boy Playing in the "Leaves"
Baby Boy Playing in the “Leaves”

6 thoughts on “Day Forty-One (Fall/Autumn bring on the holidays)

  1. Please come and have dinner with us and I’ll break out the champagne! I’m sure we could sit and talk for hours and it would be great! However, we are quite a long way away – so you & hubby could stay the night and we could do a bush walk (forest walk) in the morning and I could show you our native trees and lots of native birds and it’s very beautiful…..
    I think I got carried away – it was the idea of you coming to my place for dinner – I’d like that & it could be fun. So if you and hubby ever plan a trip to New Zealand – let me know! 🙂

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    1. I love the idea of a bush walk! The native trees and birds I would just take it all in and love every bit of it. I know we would talk for hours especially with the champagne I love stories!!! I could just sit and listen or tell stories for hours it would be great! I will definitely let you know when hubby and I plan a trip to New Zealand. 😀

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    1. I love the color change, just beautiful. I like the cold because I like to bundle up, but I know your winter is way more freezing than Southern California. So come to think about it, I would probably dread it the same as you 😀

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