Day Forty-Three (When is the sex talk appropriate for kids?)

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I know this answer can vary by people due to cultural, religious, community, and so on….. I am seriously curious when people usually talk to there kids about sex. My biggest fear is someone else talking to my child about sex and false beliefs become her reality. I also do not want to bring it up too early. I also do not want to use my mother’s method and just say there is nothing to talk about you can’t have sex until your married lol. Let me just say her teachings were not effective. I want to be a step ahead and teach her the importance of waiting but I really am nervous, scared, and awkwardly feeling about that topic with her. I ask her questions like….Do your friends talk about boys or have crushes? She looks at me like please lady, why would I tell you any of this stuff? This family life has it’s easy days and it’s challenging days. I really want to make sure she is prepared for these knuckle heads and know how to properly handle the situations. My boys are going to be another story, I have time to prevent them from turning me into a grandmother early so I plan on hitting them with a talk when their time comes. When do you have the talk? How do you have the talk? What do you say during the talk? These are questions I think about and want to be prepared when it goes down! Great suggestions, tips, and ideas are always welcome.

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8 thoughts on “Day Forty-Three (When is the sex talk appropriate for kids?)

  1. In this day and age it’s earlier than when we were kids. Between music we listen to while driving them and even kids shows that have sexual themes subliminally and suggestive dance videos on commercials it is not rare to see an 8 year old wearing a pair of pink pants. It is a different time. But I remember 20 years ago coaching 7th grade girls and listening to them on the bus was scary.

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    1. Lol @it was scary… You are too funny and I know your serious. I have notice the quick curiosity to the new generation. I absolutely love Disney but I must say they have the girls looking way too grown for their age. These kids play elementary and middle school kids and have long sharp fingernails, lots of make-up, heels sometimes, and outfits that make them look like women. I told my daughter I didn’t dress like that in grade school. I am unsure of the goal or purpose. It’s okay looking like a child, especially when your a child actor. You are right times have dramatically changed since we were kids.

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      1. At times I’m serious and I’ve seen the tines change. I try not to jest at the expense of children. We have all had the awe of childhood.

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  2. Sooo…I am an aunt and former middle school teacher…and from my experience, children will let you know. I think the most important thing is to 1) LISTEN and 2) cultivate a sex-positive atmosphere. They don’t need a reason to keep secrets OR be punished for telling/sharing their truths and experiences.

    Sometimes it’s as simple as saying, “What you know about that song?” when they are singing certain lyrics…and inviting them to freely share their thoughts about it. When you notice their conversations, comments, types of shows they gravitate towards…etc…be open, and ready!!! Ask questions, ask questions. Respect and honor their viewpoints and encourage them to grow.

    Do your best not pass down fear-driven guidance. After all, our fears shouldn’t jade their experience of their sexual selves. I’ve learned soooo much more from youth about my own sexual attitudes from listening to them and observing my own reaction. 😉 Before I respond, I ask, “What does this soul really need to know to make a responsible, well-informed decision pertaining to THIS topic at hand?” ENJOY!!!

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    1. Wow!!!! I am just blown away by your vast knowledge on the subject matter. Is there anything you don’t have knowledge on? Once again you nailed it! I should just drop her off with you and let the expert kick knowledge. I do not disagree and I think you gave outstanding advice and I will definitely follow through with it. I love that close out sentence what does this soul need to know to make a responsible, well-informed decision! I will ask myself that question before I proceed with not only the kids but others that seek my advice. Thank you so much for sharing I honestly took a lot from your comment. *Greatly appreciated* 😊


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