Day Forty-Four (Playing Hooky)

Good Evening Beautiful People!!!

Today was pretty stressful I had an exam in my night class and I can still feel the tension in my neck. I am going to try to sleep it off. Tomorrow is Friday and I plan on having the family play hooky. That is right the kids will be skipping school tomorrow so my husband and I can take them to Disneyland. I feel like our season passes are close to expiration, so I want to make sure we get in there a few more times. I am hoping that it won’t be so crowded. I try to avoid the crowded days. We plan on getting there first thing tomorrow morning. My husband is a little upset because I told him we were staying all day and we usually go and stay for seven to ten hours max, because we only live 25 minutes away. Not tomorrow people!!!! I am going to try and hang in there all day and night 😀 we will see if the family makes it! I am excited that all of us will be going because I sometimes leave my husband or the younger ones behind.

The food, the rides, the shows, and the characters!!!! Yay!!!! The kids are going to be extremely excited and pumped. I will make sure to share pictures in my next post of our little escapade. Well guys and gals the weekend is pretty much here and I hope you all have great plans and keep it safe. I cannot wait to read your entertaining post and hear about your weekend adventures. Thanks for sharing and thank you for reading……..Goodnight and catch (see) ya later alligator! 😀


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