Day Forty-Five (Disneyland Ditch Day)

Good Evening Friends!!!!

So let me just start by saying I did not have to wake my husband or the children up this morning. First my husband woke me up six something this morning for some intimate adult time 😉 way to start my day!!! After this long needed encounter took place, I headed to the children’s room and they were wide awake. They said “oh hey mommy” I said what the heck are you guys doing up and my daughter said I been up for thirty minutes and she did send a text that I later saw. It is amazing how they wake themselves up 6:30am and take the initiative to get dress and ready to go when we are heading to Disneyland, but never for school *always a battle*. So the day looked promising and things were going great until…..

My husband is the only one that does not have a season pass to Disneyland, so I went online to purchase a park hop ticket for today and I purchased a two day ticket which was a mistake. I called Disney’s customer service and it was pointless. They wanted me to believe they could not do anything and told me to purchase another ticket and request for a refund through e-mail and see if it gets approved not happening. My husband took over the phone call and was throwing all kind of attitude. He scolded me for getting the wrong ticket which was an expensive mistake. So much for the perfect day…

Things just went south after that I could not find our season passes and everything got frustrating real fast but I kept my cool. My daughter found the tickets and we headed out behind schedule to Disneyland. I got there and went straight up to the ticket booth lady and looked at my husband like please keep a distance and I spoke with the please help me voice and she corrected the ticket and put the refund money on a giftcard for us which was perfectly fine for me. I was sooo thankful and happy because my husband’s bitter face and anguish look left and a ray of light came across it.

If this day did not already have enough challenges, how about we waited in line for thirty minutes to get on this ride and as soon as  we were next to get on they shut it down for two hours and guess who waited yup yup my two oldest and me. As soon as they opened it back up my son had to use the restroom I was like come on! I raced him to the rest room and got back to the line they let me cut to the front given the circumstances and we finally rode radiator springs racer. Despite the expensive mistake, cursing, attitude, unorganized, late arrival, nonsense, rides not working, and all other unnecessary drama thrown my way I had a great day! I kept my cool and thought optimistically love making, finding tickets, making it to the park, getting things corrected, partial refund, husband happy, family time, laughs, smiles, quality time, and all other positive moments and experiences.

The ups and downs of family events, 😀 goodnight all I am so exhausted I do have some photos and video clips to share below enjoy!

Disneyland's California Adventure excited faces!
Disneyland’s California Adventure excited faces!
Mickey's Fun Wheel!
Mickey’s Fun Wheel!

My three year old says what the beep! LOL I try to say beep instead of real curse words.

hubby and baby
hubby and baby
That's my marine!
That’s my marine!
My son passed out in his sister's stroller
My son passed out in his sister’s stroller
Car ride home! Silence
Car ride home! Silence

10 thoughts on “Day Forty-Five (Disneyland Ditch Day)

    1. You are so right!!!!! Lol these outings definitely can be stressful for the parents but wonderful for the kids. The kids do not have a clue that your ready to pull your hair out. They are just like yay! I did 😀

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