Day Forty-Six (Halloween has come and gone)

Good evening friends!!!

Well Halloween has come and gone the kiddies got plenty of candy! So let me tell you this much my husband and I were tired after yesterday’s excursion. I had to go to school earlier this afternoon and he had to go to work so we did not get to sleep in and recover. I was in class falling asleep and I had to buy some drink from the vending machine to help me stay awake. It was a hard day for us….who bright idea was it to go to Disneyland the day before Halloween? Oh yeah mine, geez! Talk about warn out anyways let me tell you how I cheated and got away with it! My daughter went with her father for the holiday and we just had to worry about our two little boys.

I told my husband over the phone to pick up some variety pack of candy for our kids and I will dump some in each of the boys candy bags/buckets lol. Then he could take them out for about thirties minutes to do some trick or treating and they will be happy with all the candy they see in their bags/buckets. We got home I filled the buckets and sent them out with dad to do trick or treat! They came back excited saying look at all the candy and saying they gave me a lot of candy mommmy! Yay!!! Good job!!! They were so stoked 😀 and my husband I got to eat dinner and get in the bed early.

Thank goodness my mother kept calling the house for no good reason lol because she woke me up in time for me to post my blog before midnight. My husband was mad that the phone kept ringing and waking us up. I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween! Sometimes cheating with the candy is necessary to make it through the day! 😀

P.S. The pictures were taken before they went trick or treating check out the candy in the buckets! lol

My two little superheroes!!!
My two little superheroes!!!
Thor is excited!!!
Thor is excited!!!
Thor is in motion!!!
Thor is in motion!!!
Spiderman spinning webs!!!
Spiderman spinning webs!!!

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