Day Forty-Seven (Here comes Monday)

Good Evening Friends!!!

Tonight will be a short post not too much to report. Today was a very boring day. I like a boring day every once and a while. I been preparing for my classes and future classes today and cleaning up a bit. I am extremely sleepy and I will be going to bed early tonight. I am a little sad that Monday is almost here. The beginning of the week means to me wake up early, get kids ready, drop them to school, and pick them up. I also do not feel like going to my night classes but what can you do? Nothing! Let’s get it over with people πŸ™‚ and try to smile. I told my husband today I cannot wait for winter break. I will have a real break come winter break no school for the kids or me. I can sleep in if I want and not stress over anything. I think my last day before break is December 18th which happens to be the day Star Wars premieres in movie theatres! Wow a lot of people are waiting and anticipating Star Wars!!!! Well goodnight and I will be back tomorrow may the force be with you! πŸ˜€

Saving the Best Movie of the Year for last December 18th! Image provided by,h_1600,w_2560/t_mp_quality/another-star-wars-movie-to-begin-filming-in-2015-jpeg-77213.jpg

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