Day Forty-Nine (California Cost of Living Grrrr)

Good Evening Friends!!!

If only I could break free of my attachment to my home state? Why can’t my home state be a reasonably priced place to live? I am so strongly connected to California it is ridiculous. The majority of my family and friends are here in California and this place has been my home for all but two years of my life. I tried Arizona out for my husband and not going to happen again. So here is the problem I sit up and watch HGTV for hours and complain to my husband about these nice big affordable homes in other states and countries. I do not know why I love torturing myself so much!

My husband says just stop watching that channel! I think I drive him crazy complaining about how affordable these places are compared to California. I always say to him why couldn’t my family establish things in a more feasible state? He laughs and says here we go again do you plan on moving baby to another state and I say umm probably not. This conversation circles for days and he is stuck hearing it. Why is the break away so hard? When I was gone I thought I was going to die if I did not get back home to California. I have friends who leave and comeback and I think a small group left and stayed away. The bulk remain in California.

Damn the HGTV but the houses are soooo beautiful it is addictive to watch. It is amazing how much home you can buy with 200 to 300 thousand in other places the square footage is superb! The closest I get to that is a townhouse with much lower square footage around 400 to 500 thousand. Living in Los Angeles County only makes it worse! Why California must you be so expensive?! Drop your cost of living please! Not going to happen, who cares what I say or ask for lol? I am just a little ant in this big world who can either pay or get on my way!

I just want to live like a queen without the outrageous cost! Lol

I’d smoke a cigarette right now if I did smoke!


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