Day Fifty-One (Quick Facts!!! After Rambling)

Good Evening Friends!!!

This is the worse part of the semester!!! All classes are getting closer to the end and all these test, research papers, and projects are due around this time. The worse part is after all that is completed, you have to prepare for your final exam. I always get stressed out come November. I am completely worn out and my brain is processing at minimal level. I cannot wait for winter break! Looking forward to the time off and the holidays. On another note this dramatic drop in the weather has me shivering. One week it is blazing hot and I cannot turn off the AC and now we have some cold temperatures and I have to turn my heater on. I must admit I do love the chilled breeze…it makes me want to bundle up with hot cocoa and watch my shows and movies. Bye bye heat and hello freezing cold.

Quick Facts About Me

I have two brothers and one sister (yes it is four of us)

I gave birth to four children (yes I have four of them 2boys and 2girls also) the apple don’t fall too far from the tree

I prefer Spring, Fall, Winter, and Summer in that order

I worked for four financial institutions and two cable/communications companies (Now I am a homemaker&student)

I like singing loud and dancing in the car while driving because it is entertaining for my passengers and myself

I like making friends and family laugh

I enjoy acting silly in public when I am with my husband (because he is a stuff shirt) so serious and straight face

My mission is accomplish if I can make him look crazy at me and crack a smile even better if I get a laugh

I get bored easily and I am constantly keeping myself entertained through different quirky activities

My favorite pass time activity is literally making people smile…I love smiles!!!(People look so much better when they smile and not trying to be mean but when I pass people with mean faces I think eeww she looks ugly or he looks ugly)

The above hidden secret applies with me as well when I make a mean face I say great I got the ugly face on right now and I eventually laugh and back to beautiful just like that!


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