Day Fifty-Three (What the heck is in our sky?)

Good Evening Friends!!!

So tonight was just too interesting not to quickly dive right into it! I had class earlier today and afterwards I hung out at my parents house before heading home to my husband and kids. I needed the silence to help keep me sane lol. I left my parents around 6pm and started driving home. I called my husband and was talking to him the whole car ride home. I was upset because on the freeway their was traffic and I never have to deal with traffic Saturday evening headed in this direction. I ask my husband to look up the freeway I was on and see if their was an accident delaying me. He checked and said no it does show speeds are slow for some reason but no accidents.

I could not understand what the heck was going on. So I look up in the sky and say is that a plane just sitting still in the sky. My husband is joking saying it is superman. The suppose plane sitting still starts moving and I just blow it off and do not pay it any mind. Than this single bright light starts shining real bright and I see this circle around the light expanding out bigger and bigger. So I immediately freak out and my husband is like calm down it is not that serious. I said no no you do not understand it looks like a force field expanding out towards the ground. I said this is why it is traffic people are looking and taking pictures probably. He just says okay babe!

The light starts moving sideways and this glowing blue residue stays in the sky and does not disappears. It stayed their the whole car ride home and I just go in the house. I said I know a lot of people are going to upload this weird crap and you will see I am not telling a lie. So I google and sure enough people and the news start putting videos and pictures of it online. He says you were right and a meteor my butt!!!!! I watch this one news anchor say it was a meteor in Arizona Skies and a possible missile launch from the military off the coast in California! Really really!!! They conveniently happen at the same time and look exactly alike but are two different things I am not buying what they are selling!!!!

I took the liberality of posting my Twitter and Facebook page below because I re-posted the images and videos people uploaded of the mysterious object in our dark skies! My pictures I actually took sucked first I took one with the flash on by accident and than I took two of the blue glowing smudge residue left in the sky after the light moved. or

Blue Glowing Residue left behind
Blue Glowing Residue left behind

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