Day Fifty-Five (Anyone Start Their Christmas Shopping?)

Good Evening Friends!!!

Christmas will be here in no time and I am wondering has anyone started shopping? I have not a clue to what these kids could possibly want! They have plenty of toys, electronics, and all that good stuff lol. We ask the kids to come with a Christmas list and they only had one item a piece so far, Woohoo!!! Looks like we may be getting off easy this year lol. Yeah Right! I guess hubby and I just have to wait to see what they add to the list. I usually do not want anything for Christmas but this year I just want an additional TV.

I really dislike being a last minute shopper but I must admit that I am notorious for that! I know I am not alone and you guys are last minute shoppers too hehehe 😉 Well besides the Christmas talk tomorrow is my anniversary! The sad part is we won’t be spending our actual anniversary together he will be gone all day and I have class tomorrow night. Tuesdays suck because we go all day without seeing each other. The good news is we will be celebrating it this weekend! Saturday will be our day! We will get a hotel and go on a dinner cruise. I am looking forward to the short breather we will get away from the children.

There is nothing wrong with a break, I promise you. Time for me to get back to work on this school stuff. I have to share this real quick before I go. So I decided to stay up all night and try to get my four chapters of homework done yeah yeah it’s got disaster written all over it, I know! I am not a coffee drinker and coffee gives me real bad migraines for some reason. Today I was desperate to stay awake and decided to swing by Starbucks after class even though my head will be suffering from it hours later. I walked up to the counter and whispered because I was so embarrassed “umm I am not a coffee drinker and do not know what to get but I will tell you what I need something cold, sweet, lots and lots of caramel and I do not like coffee so I cannot taste coffee”. She said uhh so do you want coffee I said well I need to stay awake and she said okay I got you! She made me a Caramel Frappuccino and seriously dumped an excessive amount of caramel so much it tasted like I was drinking caramel out of a cup! We will see how I feel in the morning, for now I am wired!!! LoL 😀

Thank you Starbucks lady!!!
Thank you Starbucks lady!!!
I could kiss her for meeting my needs lol!
I could kiss her for meeting my needs lol!

5 thoughts on “Day Fifty-Five (Anyone Start Their Christmas Shopping?)

  1. I love your blog! You always make me laugh.

    For Christmas this year, we have decided to get the kids something small (from Santa) and get the whole family a one large item. The kids get so much stuff from grandparents, and they already have plenty of toys and clothes. That is our take on Christmas this year.

    I am sure I have read it somewhere, but why are you going back to school? What degree are looking to get? Just curious.

    Happy Anniversary!

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  2. I am glad you love my blog and it makes you laugh!!! *Meeting needs* my pleasure! 😀 I can relate between my parents and us they really do not need anything. I told my husband we should just get one big gift for the whole family that being the TV lol. Last year we bought TVs for their bedrooms so all bedrooms have a TV but the family room does not have one! That big beautiful couch is lonely with no TV. I am glad you brought up clothes, I think we can get them some more clothes for Christmas because these kiddies grow like a blue whale calf.

    I don’t think I mention why I was going back to school yet…so reassure yourself you have good memory still 😉 I am studying biology and psychology! My mother is a clinical therapist and I happen to be really drawn to psychology but more on a biological focus.I like neuroscience and would not mind emphasis on that. I am trying to complete my Bachelor’s in that field and see if I will go for my Master’s or just get lucky and get accepted into a Medical School.

    I just got tired of working for financial corporations and communication corporations! I think I originally worked in these two industries because I am very analytical and I knew I would impress them on the interviews but, I got bored to say the least and quit! Decided to go back to school and try something different (always up for a challenge).

    Thank you for the Happy Anniversary!!! He got my anniversary gift two weeks ago and I still have not used it. It’s a new laptop, my old one has been running crappy, slow, and outdated. So I been bumming off my daughter’s the pink one seen in pictures, and my husband’s laptop. They are sick of it so he got me a new one. Am I the only one that sits on gifts? I better whip it out because they are turning red lol!

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