Day Fifty-Six (Interesting Day…Last Paragraph Dedicated to Bloggers!)

Good Evening Friends!!!

How I spent my day? Let me see today was my anniversary and my day was not as romantic as you may think. I spent my entire day with the kids. My husband has a long day on Tuesdays. He goes to work early in the morning, and after work heads over to the gym. After the gym he heads over to his campus, he is almost done with his MBA. So on our anniversary 4am to 10:30pm no hubby 😦 and I had class tonight so it sucked! The good news is he kept tradition and had roses delivered today. This is something he has been doing since we first started dating and still does after being married to me ~~~.

He got me a new laptop for our anniversary which I appreciate and will eventually open. I will not be handing over his gift until this Saturday. I like to give him the gift on the actual day we go out. My day was pretty simple home, kids, school, and home again! The great news is NO SCHOOL tomorrow in honor of Veteran’s Day! Today was actually the Marine Corps 240th birthday some of you may know that and some may not just a little fun fact! Now I will take time out to close with something a little heavier.

Today a friend of mine who I have not really spoken with in a very long time (high school) reached out to me. It was so meaningful and I thank God for sending her my way. She was looking for some comfort and support in her current trials and tribulations. She saw that I blogged and wanted to get in touch with other bloggers that were facing similar challenges. I referred a few bloggers and let her know I will be here if she needs me. The point in me bringing this up and sharing this with you is to say pleaseeee pleaseee never stop doing what you do on here! Continue to blog about your life experiences and what ever your heart desires because you never know who may need inspiration, a laugh, smile, or the feeling of not being alone on their journey in life. This is serious and true! Eyes are always watching and I mean I referred people with no followers to a hand full, because their content was so on point and relate-able to the situation. So I just wanted to say thanks for sharing and I do read from all kind of bloggers for a reason keep it up!!! 😀

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6 thoughts on “Day Fifty-Six (Interesting Day…Last Paragraph Dedicated to Bloggers!)

  1. Awesome, glad you shared that. It’s a reminder to keep going and keep doing what we do – even if we just do it for us, because you never know who else you might influence. Good words. Good reminder. Thanks again. Hope Saturday is a great day when you & hubby finally get to go out together. Take care my friend 🙂

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  2. I understand what you mean. However, I often change themes and not exactly what I am feeling at the time. Rather what I feel is right to say and express to touch someone going through anything. As I have been through a lot and can reflect on my past in a hopefully good way. I also on occasion, I do label them, that I will talk a little bit more adult like and silly as we all need a laugh no matter who we are. I will make fun of myself easier than making fun of anyone else. I understand what you mean.

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