Day Fifty-Seven (Happy Veteran’s Day!!!)

Good evening my beautiful people!!!

Today was a great Veteran’s Day my husband got to come home early from work. The kids got to see the movie Goosebumps! We went out to eat and a couple bought my husband a beer for being a veteran. It was a lot of traffic on the streets. It seemed everybody was out and about shopping and eating for the holiday. A lot of veterans out mingling. When we all got home it was movie time. The kids went in their room and watched a Disney movie and my husband and I watched Trainwreck. It was his first time and my second time watching the movie 😀 (still laughing).

I am so sleepy and I really need to stay up and work on this school work, but the bed is looking really good right about now!

I did share a video below that I know some of you have already seen but I am not lying or exaggerating when I tell you I have watched this video over sixty times today! I cannot stop laughing every time I watch it! I laugh sooooo hard! LOL!!! Enjoy!


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