Day Fifty-Eight (Procrastination is a sickness)

Good Afternoon Friends!!!

I was bit by the procrastination bug!!! I am actually bit by that bug quite frequent and it is no good. It leaves me feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, disappointed, and confused. I need to get this place cleaned up and looking spiffy by this weekend. My mother is coming over to watch the kids and will be staying a night at our place, so it really needs to look presentable. I been saying this since last week, I also need my homework completed, my research paper done, study for my exam, and I am tired of looking at loose papers covering my dinner table and floor. The kids leave papers on the table and the younger ones throw them all over the floor.

I get frustrated from trying to constantly pick up and see it get undone just as fast as I clean it up. I think when you are doing something and it feels like no progress is being made you slow down and it turns into a procrastinating issue. I finally realized last week when I was being snappy to my husband and kids, it was due to irritation from them running a muck in here. I felt overwhelmed from coming home and seeing dishes and stuff on the table. I started yelling at everybody “why are you guys okay with this?” “You want bugs?” Do you like living trashy?” “Pick up after yourselves!!!!” “If we get bugs I am leaving, because I do not do bugs!!!” My husband said maybe I will leave before you leave lmao trying to be a smart ass. I said “good” “bye” “go” “I don’t like living with people anyway”. It was quiet after that….~~~~~CharDé’s Storm~~~~~

They all look at me crazy but honestly how can you spill stuff or leave crumbs, cups, dishes and papers on the table? Empty water bottles on the floor in their bedrooms, hallway, and front room? I told my husband every time I leave for school I return to a sticky kitchen floor and I have to clean it! Stop spilling or just drink water! Messy little boogers and I get no help! So I just get tired and disappointed and do not complete everything on my to do list.

The confusion comes when I start asking myself, what am I doing? Why am I here? I should be laid up on someone’s beach sun bathing and sipping something tasty and cold. Then I feel like bumming it and just doing nothing, but locking myself in the room and watching Superhero shows and HGTV forget everything!!! #%*&@#$%*&^$#@&!!!! That’s me cursing like crazy in my head! They just laugh at me, (the kids and my husband)…write me off as looney and a big fat joke! No one is scared of mommy, she will continue to be our personal maid………one day………one day…………….. :-p

P.S. My daughter begged for a cotton candy frappuccino from Starbucks and I got her one this morning on the way to school, so wasteful did not finish it! It was a “tall” the smallest one next time she pays! My son came home acting like he was starving and wanted me to cook him hotdogs, so I checked his lunch box and he did not touch his sandwich wasteful! I made him eat it! My three year old son just started crying because he hit his foot on the toy-box top, because he gets overly excited when he bites into food and snacks…runs into walls, dances into doors, spins into dressers, stomps his toes into toys, knocks his head into the table and anything you can think of from acting goofy off of food, clumsy! And someone please tell this bill collector that keeps calling daily that Erika does not live here and I never met her….she obviously does not believe me!

This should be me!!!!

This is me!!!

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