Day Fifty-Nine (Why do servers give men bigger portions?!!! )

Good Evening Friends!!!

Sooo, yesterday night my husband and I went to starbucks together! I went to a different one not my usual location and I knew if he came they would not skimp me on the caramel. I was right they actually went way overboard with it, and I was a 100% okay with that! As he and I were walking out I told him that it sucks I have to bring him along to get things done right the first time. I seriously make him order my food or go talk with the servers when we go places. They always give him extra and give me a small amount. I really can’t stand these places doing that, but it is what it is! I remember him picking up some Cajun grill and bringing it home and the trays were overfilled with food. I remember going to the exact same Cajun grill and picking up the same order and they made way smaller portions for me and when I got home he said where is the rest of the food?

Lol, I do not know why they underestimate my food intake amount. I remember a long time ago on my lunch break I went to this Chinese food restaurant and was in line next to this guy, him and I order the same food and they piled his food in the tray and gave me a skimpy amount I was so livid! My face turned red and I could feel the steam coming off me. Talk about still being vexed from the thought of it! I said um excuse me why did you give him more than me and charge me the same. The guy said because we do not like to waste food and you are smaller and he is bigger. I said whatttt damn it I am starving and I can eat his man size plate….the guy said okay okay and opened up my tray and gave me more. I just hate going there and getting irritable. So now I just use my husband to retrieve the food.

I know I am not the only one who has been discriminated against with meal portions lol! I better not be ๐Ÿ˜‰

Back at it again!!!
Back at it again!!!
This is how, they do me! image found @’s-whites-counter-shop-serving-activity-salad-vegetable.jpg

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