Day Sixty-One (No Make-up)

Good Evening Friends!!!

Yesterday was a success! Despite the rocky start early Saturday morning and afternoon, we were able to pull off our dinner cruise. We started off the day being really annoyed with each other but adjusted our attitudes just in time. Our place finally got cleaned, it was looking decent for my mom. We decided to keep it traditional, so we stayed at the Marriot again and went on the same exact cruise as last year. I really like the service from the servers, they are outstanding. I really felt bless to be celebrating another year of marriage with my husband. Marriage is not easy and a lot of work plus patience goes into it.

There were a lot of people celebrating that night and it was such a positive vibe in the atmosphere! We decided to be daring and not head back straight to the hotel after we docked. We were invited to celebrate a birthday, so we decided not to act old for once but to stay out way later than our usual. The birthday party was at a lounge/club and it was pretty vibrant in there. My husband and I laughed because we have not gone out to a club in forever. I even got him to dance with me for a little. It was definitely a experience! We enjoyed ourselves and got a lot of laughs in with his friend and the party group.

We made it back to the room around 2am and ended our night. A couple of things crossed my mind throughout the night. One thing was me not owning any make-up. Now I was a major tomboy growing up, I like being one of the guys over one of the girls. I never had make-up or took time to learn how to use it or wear it! So when I go out I am make-up free, never took the time to learn. I was thinking good thing my husband is happy with it, also maybe one day I will take lessons. The second thought was Paris! I constantly thought about Paris throughout the night and will continue to pray for those trying to make it through such a tragic event. I know I was suppose to be  strictly celebrating but my heart and prayers definitely goes out to Paris right now.,,,,,,,,,,,I will leave a link at the bottom for pictures from last night and leave an actual picture of me today in my Paris shirt. Goodnight and God bless! 🙂

#Paris *Prayers*
#Paris *Prayers*

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